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False rape accusation is wrong – Anita Joseph chastises Uche Ogbodo on her controversial statement

Nollywood actresses Uche Ogbodo and Anita Joseph have shared different opinions over the controversial case of the lady who falsely accused a man of rape.

Earlier this week, Richard Osita demanded the arrest of Bella Nwoko, the lady who had threatened to call him out for rape

Moments after the blatant call out, the said lady apologized for accusing him and pleaded that he overlooked the case.

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The young man still unrelenting, refused to yield in to her plea with a statement; “this woman accused me of rape because I turned her down. All false rape accusers should serve the same jail term as actual rapists. She tried to ruin my life,”

Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo berated the man for his unyielding and insisting that the young lady should be jailed.

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While she felt that she was doing good, many people has criticized her involvement stating that it was totally wrong.

Fellow actress, Anita Joseph admonished her to quit supporting the young girl since false rape allegations is a serious offence.