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Fear women: Heartbroken man in tears after he caught his woman cheating

A man could not control his emotions after he saw his partner and another man in a hotel.

The man saw the two lovers side by side when they were about to take the elevator to their lodging room.

According to him, he suspected her of cheating on him and that was why he trailed her home.

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His suspicion made him trace his girlfriend to a hotel where he met her with another young man.

He wanted to attack

The heartbroken man was very furious at the other man his partner was with and was about to fight.

However, his woman stopped him from attacking the man and allowed the man to leave.

Their actions caused a scene within the hotel, and the manager angrily sent them out to settle their matter.

The young man couldn’t control his emotions, he burst into tears while being calmed by another man.

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Nigerian lady cries her eyes out over cheating boyfriend

In another news, a lady cried profusely in a video shared online because she saw her boyfriend cheating on her with another girl. 

She recalled the many sacrifices she had made for the guy but was in the end cheated on.

Though she didn’t disclose how she was able to get the lovers, sure did good research work.

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