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Fear women: Husband in pain after wife left with two kids

After the ‘fear women’ season died down on social media, another season began after a woman left her husband in pain.

A Kenyan man named Abdul Rajabhas opened up about his emotionally traumatic experience in marriage. The father of two narrated how he had once caught his wife cheating on him but forgave her.

Abdul did this for the sake of his kids in hopes that he could still maintain his family. But his hopes were dashed.

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She attacked with with a knife and cut my leg.

When the marriage began, it was blissful. Abdul and his wife began a fruit business together. They excelled so much at it that they proceeded to open up a fast-food restaurant before COVID struck.
Sadly the effects of the pandemic hurt their business and it crashed. It was during this period of job searching that his wife cheated on him, abandoned him, and took their children. Before she left, she had become physically abusive.

Netizens sympathised with him in the comments. See some of their reactions:

@presenter C.E.O: “When I see a man crying I just smile and say wow. These gender knows how to put us down so when one of us hurt them I feel relieved. the daughter of soil has done it and am proud of her”
@Stars Felly: “This world is an interesting one, some are deadbeat dads while this young man wants to be with his kids, God please come through for him in a special way”

@Mercy Oyaro: “What the boy should do is to show the picture of this lady, and let it go viral she will be found easily with the pic.”

@Mama G: “His self esteem was messed up, he doesn’t know how to get up keep going. Oh poor boy”

@ruth onyinkwa: “I wish the law had a way to take away the parental rights from a toxic parent for the sake of the safety of the children..They should be allowed to have the parental rights and be back to the children’s lives after they have gone for deliverance and therapy and proved to be mentally okay. These people use children as tools/ weapons to hurt the other parent and cause a lot of pain to both the children and the other parent that is why I say so.”

My wife took off with my children after I forgave her for adultery

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Husband catches his pregnant wife sleeping with another man

In another story, a husband’s heart was left broken after he caught his pregnant wife sleeping with another man in the hospital.

The Ugandan husband, Alex Okuta, had taken his heavily pregnant wife who was down with malaria to the hospital.

The man left her in the hospital for five days before he returned to get the shock of his life.