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Fufu makes it big in London, sells at N920 per wrap

A London-based Nigerian nurse expressed shock on social media over the outrageous price of fufu.

Fufu is said to originate from West Africa and is made from fermented puréed cassava (tapioca). To make fufu, the cassava must first be made into dough.

No matter how far Nigerians go from home, it is only natural for them to crave food from their motherland. In her quest to satisfy her cravings, she was struck by a shocking discovery.

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For 50 naira fufu???

In the video, the businessman making the sales stacked his wraps of the cassava meal in a carton. He sold them at £1 each which is roughly N920.

The nurse reminisced about the days she bought the swallow for N50 in Nigeria but captioned her video saying “I’m not a fan even.”

Some Nigerians, as usual, used the opportunity to drag their currency in the mud while others made more peaceful comments. See some of their reactions:

@larapresh: “Enter plane go buy from Nigeria”

@farmersanctus: “if you keep pressing calculator like this, comparing pound to naira before you eat or purchase a thing, you will definitely not ve anything to do d UK”

@just_ora: “How much do you want them to sell it? 50pence?”

@okesademuhammed: “nah there country money be that nah if our country money too get valve u can compare it with 1naira nah”

@bami_ireti: “This one cheap oo.. Na £1.50 for my side”

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New bride cooks fufu for large crowd on her wedding day

Meanwhile, a new bride became an internet sensation after showcasing her cooking skills on her wedding day in a viral TikTok video.

The video captured her being taken outside, dressed in her beautiful wedding gown, to demonstrate her expertise in cooking.

She was asked to perform several cooking tasks while standing among a group of women who watched her every move closely. The video showed her doing the tasks easily and impressing everyone with her abilities.

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