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Na our ancestors be this: Little girl drops jaw as she shows off her bottle-flipping skills

A young girl has put some adults to shame after showcasing her bottle-flipping skills on social media.

In a TikTok video that was posted by @alfaakangbe, the kid was captured doing a bottle flip several times perfectly.

Bottle Flipping became a game challenge where if one toss a bottle half filled with water into the air and it lands perfectly on the floor with its bottom then the person wins, adults play this game and some hardly get it right.

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However, the little kid who seemed to be an expert squatted on the verandah of her house still in her school uniform and flipped the bottle by gently tossing it into the air and shocking many with the bottle which was half filled with water landing perfectly with the bottom on the floor.

The little girl who was not shocked at the outcome of her flip continued doing it several times and still got it right with the bottom still standing firmly on the floor.

Reations: Fear who no fear this little grandma

The video had many social media users in shock who didn’t wait and went to the comment section to pen down their thoughts. See some comments below;

@Debby1: Small challenge wey everybody dey manage e reach your turn you add juju 😂

@etinosaomoregie38: this olden days people don come again

@O1R: Hope say she sabi book sha

@Gracious: talented little girl

@erickrodney: na juju bi that

@Ecolove01: noting una wan tell me na our ancestors be dis😂😂😂😂

@user5183705113295: i fear who no fear this little grandma

@blunks93: y is small children always knows how to do dis but matured people don’t 😏😏

@LAUGH MATTERS🤣: She don break record

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 Little blind girl reads bible perfectly, amazes many

Meanwhile, the video of a young blind girl reading the Bible captivated the attention of numerous online users, leaving many amazing by her ability.

In the video, the girl was reading a Bible verse out loud using her hands, and many people were quite amazed.

The little girl also smiled, showing that she was really enjoying the moment as she read the holy book.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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