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Give me one last chance: Lady breaks down in tears, kneels to beg boyfriend

A young lady who couldn’t bear the thought of losing her boyfriend burst into tears and knelt down for her man after a misunderstanding.

In a video posted by one @kingkalya001 on TikTok, the young woman cried profusely and begged her boyfriend to give her another chance.

It was gathered that the young lady lied to her boyfriend that she was going to the salon, but it was later found out that she had gone to a club.

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The young man got angry at her for lying to him, which led to the lover girl crying profusely while begging her boyfriend on her knees to give her one last chance.

In a subsequent picture, the couple were seen together, making it seem they had settled their issue and the boyfriend had forgiven her.

Reactions: It can never be me

The video got the attention of many netizens. While some laughed at the young man and accused his girlfriend of crying crocodile tears, while some claimed they can never beg their partners as much as she did.

Other begged on her behalf and pleaded with the boyfriend to forgive her and give her the last chance she requested. See some comments below;

@Chemeli Yego: the disrespect that comes after this…. it’s okay to be single.

@Esthertamara11: it’s fine ?love makes us vulnerable when we dont want to lose that person ?but trust me when this passes this woman will be the strongest trust me?

@En Bien: crocodile dears thank you very important ??

@loloo: can never be me ?

@F?r?d?a?: am embarrassed on her behalf ?????….
but now I can’t hear

@Fatush_the_queen: It can never be me???

@nellychemutai3: give her last chance please

@Mersh61: plz 4gv her ?

@Beverlyn Davids: can never be me?

@Gettyjayroh ?: Crocodile tears was just chilling?

Nigerian lady wails after boyfriend of 5 years dumps her

Meanwhile, after being rejected by her boyfriend, whom she had dated for five years, a young Nigerian woman drowned in the pool of her own tears.

The heartbroken and distraught woman revealed that her boyfriend, Femi broke things off with her after dating for five years.

In a video online, she accused her lover of breaking his pledge to stay by her side forever.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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