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Go solar: How Nigerian twins are helping citizens enjoy 24hrs electricity

Having 24-hour electricity remains a myriad in many Nigerian homes, which has prompted many to go for alternative sources of energy like the use of generators, while others prefer the option of solar.

While generating set is very common and widespread in many homes and offices, the cost of purchasing premium motor spirit (PMS) and the unpleasant noise pollution that this option brings is why many consider inverters a better alternative.

Nigerian twins, Taiwo and Kehinde Isiaka, both undergraduate students at the University of Ibadan, founded a company called The Trills Consulting to provide households and businesses in sub-Saharan African country the opportunity of enjoying constant electricity, free from the noise pollution and exhorbitant bills that accompany Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

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During an exclusive interview with Battabox.com, Asukwo Oduo asked the twin brothers if a switch to solar is a better alternative to PHCN or the use of generators considering the cost implications of switching to solar.  

Kehinde believes that of all three options, only solar can guarantee at least 20 hours of electricity daily and consistently at a cheaper rate.

Taiwo and Kehinde Isiaka

He said, “My solar system gives 20 hours of electricity per day, while 20 hour/day of electricity using generator is very expensive. PHCN in Agbowo, Unibadan, where I stay, only supplies 6 hours of power daily, but the electricity situation has worsened drastically.

“Solar can give 24-hours electricity daily and consistently. You can put on your inverter anytime you like just by pressing a button, whereas PHCN supplying you 24-hour electricity daily for a month will amount to a humongous electricity bill.”

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Meanwhile, Taiwo added, “installing solar once is better than using PHCN or generator. Running generator using PMS (24hrs for 3 months) is the same amount needed to install solar once and for all. Even celebrity dancer Kaffy said her savings increased by 60% since she switched to solar.”

How often should solar batteries be changed?

Taiwo explained that there are four technology of batteries; dry cell, wet cell, cell battery, and lithium battery, each having varying life span depending on maintenance.

Battery Technology  LifespanMaintenance
Block battery/Dry cell3-4 yearsNo maintenance
Tubular battery/Wet cell5-8 yearsRequires maintenance annually depending on usage (Refill when the electrolyte dries up)
Gel battery4-6No maintenance
Lithium battery10 years+No need for maintenance

When asked how much solar installation would cost, Kehinde said they have different plans to cater to diverse individual or corporate needs. He added that clients don’t need to change their electronics but rather go for plans that cover the devices they want to power.

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PlanPrice rangeLoad
Least plan (Student plan)N125,000Laptop, energy-saving fan, 1 bulb, and charging of phones
1KVA planN385,000 – N485,000Table fridge, washing machine, TV, home theatre, and blender
Remote Area plan (off-grid plan)Provides 20 hours electricity daily, double solar panel
Hi-Tech plan (company plan)In millions10KVA

The founders of The Trills Consulting believe that you can live without PHCN light. Instead of complaining about the epileptic power supply in your area, it is better you take control of everything by going solar. The future is green indeed!

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