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15 Tribal Braids Hairstyles You Should Try This Year

Tribal braids refer to the braiding patterns that have their root in African cultures. These braids incorporate different braiding patterns and styles adorned with hair accessories like beads, cowrie shells, rings, cords, cuffs, etc.

They have been around for quite some time and are still one of the most popular braids today.

tribal braids
tribal braids

If you are wondering if tribal braids are still trendy, here are some tribal braids styles that you need to try this year.

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Bantu knots

This is a very simple tribal braids hairstyle that anyone can do, even at home.

Bantu knots is said to have originated in the Southern part of West Africa among the Bantu-speaking group. Bantu knots have spread their way throughout Africa and is currently taking over the world.

To achieve this hairstyle by yourself at home, simply wash and section your hair into parts, twist each section, and wrap it so that the hair stacks upon itself to form a spiralled knot. You can decide to add hair extension to the twist to give it more volume.

This hairstyle is so beautiful, and it gives all shades of black girl magic.  Bantu knots can be achieved with natural or relaxed hair and even knotless braids and locs. They can last up to 2 weeks, making your hair curly when you loosen your knots.

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Middle Part Tribal Braids

This is a type of tribal braid that originated among the Fulani people of Africa. They are called Fulani braids and are one of the most popular types of tribal braids.

The middle part braid makes your face look younger and more aligned. It looks best on people with round or oval-shaped faces.

Your middle part braid could be long or short and can be adorned with beads, cowries, and even coloured streaks.

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Half up, Half down Ponytail

Another trendy tribal hairstyle is the half up half down tribal braids. This style is achieved by braiding the hair’s front half into a high ponytail and the end into all-back or knotless braids.

You can decide how long you want your hair and how high up you want the ponytail, and also the pattern you want to achieve.

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High Ponytail Tribal Braids

high ponytail

This braid is made to sit beautifully at the top of your head. It can be accessorized with beads and cuffs or you can decide to make it plain.

This type of ponytail will look stylish on anyone and can fit into any occasion you want to attend, be it a casual, relaxed evening, or a night out or even a party.

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Tribal braid with side drop

tribal braid with side drop

This style is becoming increasingly popular these days and can be used in all hairstyles, from your ponytail to your all-back.

It is achieved by braiding one or two lines of hair to the front behind your ears. It is usually accessorized with beads.

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Tribal Senegalese Twist

Senegalese twist is type of protective hairstyle for black women that originated from Senegal in Africa. It protects the hair from damage caused by heat, dyes, and environmental conditions. It also makes the hair grow faster and healthier.

Senegalese twists are achieved by sectioning the hair into parts, adding hair extension and braiding it using the two-strand twist method.


Jumbo Tribal Braids

jumbo braids

Try jumbo braids if you want a hairstyle that will always make you stand out. It is a form of box braids, but they are much thicker and require extra hair extensions to be used to achieve the signature oversized shirt effect. 

Different patterns can be used to section the hair, and accessories like beads and cowries are added to give a unique tribal look.

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Ghana Braids

ghana braids

Just as the name suggests, Ghana Braids are tribal hairstyles that originated in Ghana. Ghana braids are a unique type of braids created by starting off each section of the hair, which thin micro braids which then taper out to a thicker and Fuller plait.


Tribal Bun Braids

The braided bun is a classic hairstyle and looks even better with a tribal twist to it. It is elegant, sophisticated and perfect for special occasions such as weddings and engagement parties.

One-sided tribal braids long

This type of close-braided cornrow goes from left to right or from right to left rather than front to back. The one-sided tribal braid hairstyle was named Lemonade after it was worn by the mainstream singer Beyoncé on the cover of her album, Lemonade. 

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Two-step Fulani Braid

This is a type of hairstyle where two all-backs are cornrowed on each other. Adding the side drop mentioned earlier can achieve this hairstyle with a traditional twist. The ends can be curled, and it can be accessorized with rings and cuffs.

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Tribal Braids with Bangs

This is a way to totally switch up your look. Instead of cornrowing your hair straight back, some parts of this hairstyle are braided to the front and cut to a shorter length to create a beautiful bang and adorned with cowry shells and beads.

Milkmaid tribal style

A little twist of cornrow braids in the front and a large milkmaid braid at the back is very much welcome, especially for those who do not want to sit through the long process it takes to install tribal braids. 

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Zigzag Braids

Instead of the regular cornrows, you can add a little twist by braiding your cornrows in a zigzag manner.

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Braids are a staple for black women. They’re convenient, low-maintenance and come in an endless variety of styles.

You should try out some of these african tribal braids before the end of the year. You can also change the pattern, colour, and length to suit your taste.