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Many ladies prepare for the wedding than marriage- Gospel filmmaker Mike Bamiloye stirs marriage controversy 

Mike Bamiloye, the creator of Mount Zion Faith movies, has revealed why some women are still single at age 28. 

The producer of gospel movies claimed that many women today “prepare more for the wedding day than for the marriage life.” 

On his Instagram page, the actor lamented the willingness of some young ladies to learn about marriage. 

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Bamiloye further emphasized that women choose fast food and junk food over cooking a nice dinner. 

He said, “They [some ladies] are too hasty and not ready to sit down and learn the principles of marital life. “Many ladies are not qualified to be wives even at 28. “They can’t cook properly. They are used to fast food at the eateries, and ice cream and Indomie and spaghetti plus boiled eggs and Titus, and they spend six months studying the wedding gowns and the accessories for the bridal trails. And they want to marry.”

Social media reactions

Netizens had different takes on the preacher’s words and sought to share their own opinions.

allimerry: “many people in general, make e no be like say na only ladies dey get issue.” 

seenteya: “If you all would spend one tenth of the time you use in educating women on men about Marriage, the world would be a better place. Every time woman woman woman!!! As if these women are marrying themselves. She would download all these information and try to work on herself for a future spouse who has no idea of what’s expected of a man in marriage.” 

doyin_social: “This is hitting me hard God will not entrust us with things we cannot handle. This could be reason why a lot of people are having delay in getting partners. God wants us to work in ourselves so as to prepare us for his will for us. Thank you daddy. Bitter but the truth that we all need to hear.” 

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Paying tithes with sport betting money is a bribe before God – Mike Bamiloye

Meanwhile, Mike Bamiloye has advised Christians to desist from paying tithes with sports betting winning as it is a bribe before God.

Bamiloye made this claim via an Instagram post where he wondered why some Christians think they can appease God, blindfold him with gains of betting. 

To him, it is bribery, an act that is wrong in the eyes of God.