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He must be cheating — Married man chases his wife along the street after forgetting his phone in her car

A viral video has been causing quite the commotion online, featuring a man pursuing his wife after she drove off with his phone still in the car.

The video was created by the man’s wife, who found the chase amusing and recorded it for posterity. The man’s wife created the video and found the chase amusing.

The wife eventually stopped the car for her husband to catch up to her. When he asked for the phone, she refused to hand it over. He attempted to retrieve the phone by reaching through the car window. However, she resisted and even attempted to drive away with her husband still clinging to the car. He was forced to jump off the car to stop his wife from driving away

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Netizens react: He’s cheating!

Some have criticized the wife for not simply giving her husband the phone when he asked for it. However, as is expected, most have labelled the man to surely be a cheat.

Here are some reactions:

@poshcouture1: “If I’m hiding something was a person.”

@Ivlup_yon5: “Them divorce papers would have been flying out the window.”

@trul3y_m3: “Honey, if he’s running after that phone like this, you need to give home that phone drive off and never return.”

@kaylovesplants: “He’s cheating real bad.”

@lyton_redbottles: “Has to be more than cheating, probably planning your death after he found the life insurance.”

@toxic_chatterbox: “Real talk? she would want her phone. Stop playing and give the man his phone. Now, who among you would not want your phone.?”

@canvas200: “As usual, yall gaslight the issue of cheating. Well, that’s very passive-aggressive of her. Secondly, he could be waiting on his job, someone sick, a elderly parent, or just wanna holla with one of his buddies. Finally, most of the time, it’s the only phone you have in the house these days. Here yall go crying for divorce. I would do the same thing. My ex lives in another state with my kids, and i talk to them every single day, in fact, a couple of times a day. Smh.”

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Bold Nigerian lady tries to woo married man standing with wife

In another funny video, a Nigerian lady tried to get a married man’s number despite his wife being beside him.

The content creator, @King_Mitchy, walked up to a married man at a restaurant while he was standing next to his wife.

In the funny video, @King_Mitchy said she admires the married man and that he’s very handsome.