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Heartbreak tales: Man feels unloved because girlfriend quit calling him ‘babe’

Recently, an African man shared his heartbreak tale on Facebook. He lamented bitterly that his girlfriend no longer called him sweet names.

In a viral Facebook post, a young man named Freedom Bilankulu Wo Rhunga expressed his concerns about the declining affection in his relationship. He claimed that his partner ignored his expressions of love during their conversations, even going as far as denying seeing them.

Bilankulu compared his partner’s current behavior to their initial dating phase, highlighting the stark difference that led to his heartbreak.

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Red flag! Dig deeper!

Sharing his dilemma with a Godly Marriage and Relationship Counselling Facebook page on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, he said, “I’m in a romantic relationship with a fine girl. My problem now is that whenever we’re charting, when I say “I love you,” she ignores it, and when I ask, she says she didn’t see it.

She calls me by name, unlike in the beginning of our relationship, where we used to call each other babe, and when I say good morning, babe,” she just says “good morning…”

I no longer feel loved. Should I be worried, or is it time for me to move on with my life without her?

Netizens took to the comments to showcase their relationship experts skills. See some of their reactions:

@Damilola Adeolajide: “You are in a “Romantic Relationship with a fine girl” no prob. A Romantic relationship indeed. Romance doesn’t keep relationship sir. Those things only last for a while until Reality sets in and open your eyes.

So, if you want me to be very candid with you, you need to go and really search and get an answer to these questions: “What keeps a relationship going and moving?” “Why did God create this relationship?” “How do I know if I’m in the right relationship?”

“What are the activities two partners are supposed to be having to keep the relationship going?” Go and ask wise men and women that are still in marriage those questions and they’ll answer you. And as regarding your post. You are not in a relationship yet.”

@Ichema Cheruchukwu: “You might have done something to her”

@Maluu Ngwana Sefadi: “The moment you felt unloved you must know she doesn’t love you for long connection is not forced”

@Chiebuka Bernard: “Red Flag. You were being clingy bro. You’ve lost her. You showed too attention, you showed her you love her more. You’re not giving her space.”

@Maureen Chepkoech: “Is it too difficult for you to know that you have been replaced?”

@Freedom Ngozi: “So baby is now ur problem, hmmm some girls will call u baby,that is not even from they heart. Anyway ask her why”

@Mercy Amarachi: “The bitter truth of the matter is that: Some ladies are no longer moved by those sweet and pet names due to their previous experience. So focus on doing the right things you promised to do and leave the other. Believe me, she will appreciate and love you more. Know this and know peace.”

@Chinedu John: “She have already moved on with another person in her heart,, don’t wait for her to tell you this before u understand it. She is now waiting for any mistake from u to serve u the hot water”

@Salvation Reuben: “Must she call you babe B4 you know that she loves you. she’s right by calling you by name cause you are not her husband yet. That is what this generation needs to learn. You might be thinking she’s doesn’t love you and still l love you. Where are the girls that were telling you I love you, Did they last 4ever?

Because you dey blame her say she no tell you I love you. As your eyes don see waka, Na so her eyes don still see shege, So don’t blame her. She fit love you make she dey hide am; besides is not telling I love u that will make the relationship to last 4ever. So my guy bear with her”

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BBNaija’s Ka3na mourns the death of her husband

Meanwhile, Ka3na, ex-Big Brother Naija’s housemate went through a heartwrenching moment as her husband, Mr Jones passed on to the great beyond.

In a viral video, the mother of one was captured crying bitterly as she stood firmly at the side of her late husband’s coffin.

Although news of what caused the death of the man has not been revealed, the videos circulating the net have shown how heartbroken and devastated Ka3na is.