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The Holy Spirit Convicted Me, Twitter User Confesses To Addiction To Weed, Alcohol And Masturbation

Chiamaka Obereagu, share her salvation testimony with the public. 

Nigerian Twitter user, Chiamaka Obereagu, has come out boldly to share her salvation testimony with the public. 

In her post, she revealed that she was addicted to weed, alcohol, and masturbation but was convicted and converted by the Holy Spirit right in her room. 

According to her post on Twitter, it had been over a year since she gave up using drugs and alcohol. Currently, she is sober, and still recovering from those addictions.

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She captioned her post:

“Before JESUS, I did dirty things. I was addicted to weed, alcohol and masturbation. I was lost in pornography. Today it’s almost a year I’m totally clean. The HOLYSPIRIT convicted and converted me right in my room. Today I go out to preach JESUS. He saved me. He can save you too

In the words of my grandfather, David Oyedepo” When you insult me and drag me on Twitter for my own testimony, salvation and ministry that YAHWEH has given me it’s a booster. It means that what I’m doing is paining you”

It’s not my job to defend the HOLYSPIRIT. It’s not my job to prove my salvation to you. I’m only a Masterpiece renewed for His good works to preach the gospel of good news. The enemy will always react to a divine seal.”

The born-again Twitter user took steps further to post pictures of herself before and after she received salvation. One of the pictures showed her in her past life consuming marijuana and the other, a more recent photo of how she looked as a new believer in Christ.


According to the new convert, she now preaches the gospel and has encouraged many others that, if she can be saved, anybody can.

See comments below:

@Tripletsb1 said: “There’s nothing too hard for Him to do”

@FaladeTolu_ said : “The best testimonies are those of changed lives. Congratulations “

@thrivewithtayo commented: “Congratulations. More grace in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

@Lekefleeex said: “Glory to God. I am happy for you. May God always be with you and guide you on how to live the rest of your life. Halleluyah.”

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