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He is quite ill: Honest mechanic, Timothy reveals how much he was given as reward

The faithful mechanic, Timothy, who returned the money that was accidentally sent to his account, has been recompensed with only N50,000.

Battabox reported that Timothy was publicly celebrated for returning N10.8m that was mistakenly transferred to his account.

Well, a follow-up about Timothy has been brought to the limelight as a man, Chinonso Ndukwe took to Facebook to announce that the mechanic has been rewarded.

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According to him, he has known Timothy way before the incident as he was his mechanic and has been serving him well.

He mentioned that he visited Timothy when he saw the news of his honesty and found out that he is really sick, and was only given N50,000 out of the N10.8m he returned.

Chinonso and Mechanic Timothy

He said, “I went to my mechanic to ask him about what I saw all over the Internet yesterday. He has been serving me very well. So when I read that he returned 10.8 million to one of his customers I was impressed. Today when I saw him he was quite ill. He said he is having headache. The man that he returned his money gave him N50,000.00. People can be really unimaginable. Behold!”

Reactions: Do you expect the owner to give him millions?

Chinonso’s statement had social media users questioning if he was not satisfied with the reward. While many argued that N50,000 was a good reward to the mechanic, others claimed the man could have done better than the amount he gave Timothy. See some comments below;

@Odu Ola: Aha Unimaginable how… what tells you the money even belongs to the said owner or that it wasn’t for something else?????

@Chinonso Johnpaul Ndukwe: This is the kind of people that supposed to be honoured if this country is working

@Chibuzo-Akonyiro Osondu Patrik: So the man should share the money into 3 and give him 1 abi? He should go and rest jare.

@Ogbonne Stephanie Uche: Do you expect the owner of the money to give him million of Naira?

@Andrew Ezeudegbe: He did what he was supposed to do. The money does not belong to him. If you spend it, you will surely pay back a hundred times. So be warn. There is a reason for every action. Use your own well

@Jibunze Chukwuebuka Princewill: I don’t understand. You both are not happy with the 50k or what?

@Ikechukwu Onyemena Damian: Whaaat? 50k? Is it for EWA or GARRI

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Nigerian man returns N10.8 million mistakenly transferred to his account

Meanwhile, mechanic Timothy was publicly celebrated after returning N10.8 million that was mistakenly transferred to his account. 

The contractor who made the erroneous transfer praised Timothy for his honesty, stating that he had reported the mistake and sought to return the money.

He had initially intended the money for a project but later realised it had been sent to the mechanic’s account.

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