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How to Choose a Housemaid in Nigeria – Must Read

Many employers hire without really thinking through the steps involved. At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with this: ask an agent for a good cleaner and a personable person, and you have an excellent Housemaid in Nigeria.

However, there are drawbacks to treating this decision lightly and mindlessly. It can ultimately result in a bad outcome for the employer, as many things are only discovered after the hire is made. This downfall is not necessarily because the maid is bad, but because these employers have hired someone who does not fit their household needs.

Maids may be good, but they are not suitable for you. So how do you find the right maid for your home? What thought process will lead you to your final decision? When hiring a maid, remember that they will have access to your most valuable possessions. This includes children, pets and jewellery.

You need to trust that your maid will treat them with the same care as you do. You can hire the best maid for your home by following these simple steps.

How to Choose a Housemaid in Nigeria

Why Do You Need a Maid? 

This is the first step to consider before choosing a Housemaid in Nigeria. If you go through the long list of reasons why you need a maid, it is unlikely that you will find someone who can do everything for you. So can you separate need from want on the list? Does the need for a hardworking maid outweigh the need for a reliable maid?

Does the need for qualifications outweigh the need for experience? Your ‘why’ will guide you in choosing a maid based on your priorities so that if you don’t get the perfect maid, you get one close enough to the ideal for your needs.

Top 10 Guidelines on How to Choose a Housemaid in Nigeria

1. Do a thorough background check. 

This is probably the first thing you should do before hiring a maid. This will not only give you an idea of the type of person you are bringing into your home, as they will most likely be living in the same house as your employer. But will also allow you to talk to them about their behaviour and tendencies and find out what to expect.

Background checks are also carried out to verify the authenticity of the information provided. Employers need to do background checks on the people they hire”. In addition, they must check for criminal, s3xual and substance abuse history.

How to Choose a Housemaid in Nigeria - Must Read

2. Get a Proper Medical Check-up

If you are going to hire someone to work in your home, you owe it to yourself and your family to know their health. If not, don’t even think about letting them sleep at home. A medical check-up is essential to know if you can cope with medical conditions or not. Remember that maids have access to children. 

3. Be Wary of Guarantors

 Some employers fall into the trap when people desperate for a specific job take to the streets to substitute – sometimes formally – well-dressed people. However, if the housemaid you intend to hire is unknown. It is advisable to ensure that the guarantor they provide is a reliable person with a traceable address.

This will make it easier to rectify the situation in the unlikely event that the maid violates the terms of the contract. It is, therefore, advisable not to rush into hiring an unknown person without a trustworthy guarantor. The guarantor should be someone who can be easily traced in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

4. Appearance of the Housemaid

Although appearance is not a perfect reflection of the person, it can provide clues as to who the person is. Employers should not go out of their way to ensure that a Housemaid in Nigeria will not be a bad influence on their children if they know they cannot live with the person’s perceived personality.

Hairstyles, clothing and tattoos are among the things that should be looked at, as if you see someone with scars. It is a red light that indicates that work needs to be done to change their shape, just as you would look for the cause. If you can’t stand it, find someone who is more to your liking.

How to Choose a Housemaid in Nigeria - Must Read
housekeeper cleaning a window

5. Scrutinize any Agency, Company or Person Advertising on Online Platforms

Employers need to ensure that it is a registered company and that it is registered to carry out this type of activity. Therefore, being a registered firm may not be sufficient. Nowadays, in the age of information technology, people looking for home help online should be very careful. Because people will post adverts and call them, who cannot even be traced.

 6. Treat them as Buman Beings

It has become almost a norm for people to treat their maids with contempt. This is one of the things that fuel some unpleasant experiences that people have. While employers are trying to ensure that families are safe, they also need to protect the rights of these households, which have been violated so much.

Sometimes they work day and night, and even when everyone else goes to bed, they do not, but they work almost around the clock. In a few cases, they are not even paid. They just endure and keep the hope for a better future alive. We need to look at the laws that regulate work and wages and start to see that this is something that should be paid for.


Some Housemaid in Nigeria feels undervalued, which leads some to do despicable things. Employers who want to have a pleasant experience with their housemaids should be prepared to show them some love and treat them with dignity. 

When you bring someone into your family, it means that person is now a member of the family. So, if there is a moral that we need to give our children, it should be part of it, otherwise, we or our children will pay for their strange behavior.

7. Prepare a Contract 

Many people don’t bother to draw up a contract that will govern their relationship with their housemaid. But experts have said that it is a step that those who intend to work as employers should take. The agreement is expected to set out the obligations, duties and restrictions of both parties.

If the housemaid has violated the terms of the agreement or if the housemaid poses a moral hazard to your children, refer to the terms of such an agreement and do not hesitate to terminate the contract. If there is a breach, report it to the relevant authorities.

8. Never Hire a Minor as a Housemaid in Nigeria 

Undoubtedly, some people prefer to hire minors as housemaids as they are considered obedient and do not cause as many problems as adults. Under the Children’s Rights Act 2003, particularly sections 28(d), 11(d), 14 etc., it is illegal to employ a child as a housemaid.

Therefore, in order not to come into conflict with the law and to avoid problems with law enforcement authorities. People are always advised to spare children when it comes to having housemaids. The law prohibits the employment of minors (persons under 18 years of age) as housemaids in Nigeria.

Children’s rights must also be respected. When they reach adulthood, they can choose the type of work they want.

9. Never Leave Everything to Housemaids 

Employers are also advised to never leave all the responsibility of running the home to the home care worker, as this can have certain consequences over time. Some employers leave the overall care of their children and spouses in the hands of their Housemaid in Nigeria, which in most cases results in physical and emotional abuse or abduction of their spouses.


10. Ask key Questions 

Sometimes people get so excited or overwhelmed with the need for a quick housemaid that they forget to ask the potential Housemaid in Nigeria important questions. Questions that can be asked include:

  • Ask general questions to build trust. If the house is entrusted exclusively to the maid, a certain level of trust is required between the householder and the maid. Questions such as hobbies, interests, strengths and weaknesses help to develop a fuller understanding of the girl. 
  • Ask about your work history and career goals. Past work and future plans say a lot about the person. Asking about work history is definitely helpful. Beware of applicants who try to shift responsibility onto others.
  • Ask about communication skills: This will help you assess how well you both can communicate with each other. This will help you determine if she understands the employer’s language and how quick and sharp he or she is.

Choosing the right maid means a lot of work on your part, but work that at the end of the day will give you peace of mind. As the domestic industry is saturated with more people looking for the next meal ticket, albeit illegally. For those who are genuinely interested in the job and willing to work, the onus falls on you to ensure you don’t fall victim.