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How to Load 9Mobile Recharge Card

Before we start on how to load 9Mobile recharge card, we need to discuss that anonymous lady who normally says “your call credit has been exhausted, and your call terminated”.

Once you hear this, you know it’s time to recharge. However, some users find it difficult to recharge using a card these days. This is because virtually everybody now relies on their banks’ mobile code (USSD) or app before even bothering to go buy recharge cards from vendors.

Yes, we know it’s easier, but there are times when the bank isn’t reliable. You could be faced with bad service amid an emergency that requires making a phone call. One could have a phone issue or even a ‘red’ account balance, and then you stumble on a forgotten 500 naira inside one of your trousers.

I know, right! One of the happiest moments in a typical Nigerian’s life that never enters our secondary school compositions. The only problem now is that you’ve forgotten how to load a recharge card.

The first thing we start doing is to try hard to remember the code to recharge our ‘miraculous card’ with. And that’s when this article becomes your messiah.

How to load 9Mobile recharge card
How to Recharge on 9Mobile Sim

The article explains how you can load a 9Mobile recharge card and enjoy the benefits that come with being a 9Mobile customer.

9Mobile is a telecommunications company established in Nigeria first as Etisalat and then, not too recently, underwent a change that rebranded it as 9Mobile. The company, although relatively new, has become one of the major network providers in Nigeria and with their numerous bonuses, they seem to be gaining even more ground.

It’s no surprise, then, that there are customers who need this information on how to load a 9Mobile recharge card.


How to Recharge Your 9Mobile SIM Card

Like other network providers, 9Mobile provides an easy way to carry out some actions on their network from the comfort of your home. There are steps to take, but they are so simplified that even a child can get it right, after all, nobody wants to deal with extra stress.

To recharge your 9mobile SIM card, follow the procedures below:

  1. Purchase the 9Mobile recharge card. You’re probably thinking, ‘duh, who didn’t know that?’ well, just in case you get sold a different recharge card by mistake, make sure to change it because you can’t recharge airtime from another network provider on your 9Mobile sim card.
  2. Most network providers, including 9Mobile, produce cards in two types, the paper type and the scratch card type. Usually, scratch card type begins at 1000 —but now that I think about it, it’s been long since I saw one of those scratch card types— and with the scratch card, all you have to do is scratch off the seal gently. This means that you shouldn’t use a sharp object or apply too much pressure when scratching the card. If you’ve got the paper type and it’s pinned, carefully remove the pin to prevent tearing off the numbers.
  3. On your phone’s call app, dial the USSD code, *222*rechargepin#, using your 9mobile sim card. For example, dial *222*2468101214161820#
  4. After dialling the code, your 9mobile sim card will be credited with the value of the card. You might get a success message, but if not, check your balance to be sure you’ve been credited.
  5. Dial *232# to check your balance and confirm.

If it happens that you’ve not been credited, check the card and try again. However, it’s not advisable to try more than 3 times because your line will be barred from recharging for about 24 hours if you try one recharge pin up to 5 times.

Another option available to you is to recharge your sim card online.

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How to Recharge 9Mobile SIM Card Online

If perhaps, the USSD code is not going through for some reason or you’re finding it difficult to purchase a recharge card, you can opt to recharge online through the 9mobile website. The procedures are as follows:

  • Go to the 9mobile official website by entering https://9mobile.com.ng/eshop/ into your search bar on your browser.
  • Find the option that says “Buy/Send Airtime” on the portal and click on it.
  • You will also find a link that says “Buy Now” click on that link.
  • You will be directed to enter your 9mobile phone number into the required column. This part can be tricky, so make sure to double-check the number before clicking next.
  • Enter the amount of Airtime you wish to purchase.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter your ATM card details to make the required payment.

Once the payment is successful, your 9mobile SIM card will be credited with the purchased airtime. Again, check to confirm by dialling *232#

If neither one of the methods above interests you, you can use the option of recharging using your ATM card.


How to Recharge Your 9Mobile SIM Card via ATM

As long as you have your ATM card with you, you can recharge your 9mobile line from an ATM machine. And note it can be any ATM machine. See the procedures below:

  • Slot your ATM card into an ATM machine
  • Enter your 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • Click “Airtime Recharge” on the ATM menu.
  • Select 9mobile from the list of networks displayed.
  • Enter the amount of Airtime you wish to purchase
  • Enter your 9mobile phone number. As always, be careful when doing this.
  • Confirm the transaction by clicking on the continue icon.
  • Your 9mobile SIM card will be credited with the airtime.

Another method available is to recharge using your bank’s mobile app or USSD code. For this method to work, you must know your bank’s short code and follow the prompts.


Recharging on 9mobile is just as easy as recharging on any other network or service provider. They keep their customers at the sole of their business and understand that your comfort comes first. They also reward you with bonuses for recharging your account. That way, you get to enjoy more talk time and even more data to browse the internet.

As simple as recharging is, you might experience some issues when trying to recharge, such as over scratched card or wrong pin. Sometimes, you might recharge online or through the ATM or your bank, and your account might not be credited; if you experience any of these reach out to their customer care by dialling 200.

Once your call connects, you’ll be prompted to select some options. Make sure to choose the one that most applies to you so that you can be connected with a customer care representative and enjoy seamless service.