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3 Fascinating Things About ‘How Long Do Idiots Live’ Meme

A duly prominent percentage of humans think nothing is funnier than a funny Google result, and that started the trend of How Long Do Idiots Live?

While this is not a question that anyone could possibly have the answer to, it is a question well-researched for obvious reasons.

In this article, we shall discuss three fascinating things you probably didn’t know about the “How Long Do Idiots Live” meme.

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What is a meme?


A meme is a cultural artefact, usually in the form of an image, video, or piece of text, that spreads rapidly through the internet and social media platforms. Memes often contain humorous, satirical, or ironic elements, and are frequently used to convey social commentary or to express emotions and attitudes.

Memes can take many forms, including image macros, animated GIFs, hashtags, and catchphrases, and they often evolve over time as they are shared and remixed by different individuals and communities.

Memes have become a significant aspect of Internet culture and have been credited with influencing politics, entertainment, and popular culture.

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Popular memes you might know

Here are some popular memes that have existed over the years:



“All your base belongs to us”




“Pepe the Frog”


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“Keep Calm and Carry On”


“This is fine”


“Hide the Pain, Harold”


“Arthur Fist”


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“Expanding Brain”


“Distracted Boyfriend”


“Woman Yelling at a Cat”


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“Surprised Pikachu”


Disclaimer: Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there are countless other memes that have gained popularity and relevance over time.

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3 things to know about the ‘how long do idiots live’ meme

how long do idiots live

Anyone who regularly surfs social media understands that memes are a dime a dozen, and there has been plenty in existence. Now the first thing you are about to learn about the ‘How Long Do Idiots Live’ meme is where it originated from.

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How did the ‘how long do idiots live’ meme start?

how long do idiots live

The “How Long Do Idiots Live” meme comes from its predecessor, the How Old Is X joke. On February 3rd, 2017, a Reddit user posted a four-panel meme that showed Google results for how old Knuckles from Sonic is, showing how long echidnas live.

The result also showed Knuckle’s birthday, implying that it was his last. The joke became timeless and hyper-exploitable, with an Instagram user posting a video following the format, showing the average lifespan of the Shiba Inu, the same breed as Doge.

What was its significance on subsequent memes?

how long do emos live

Since the meme was timeless as stated earlier, it paved the way for other funny Google results in answers to bizarre questions like ‘How Long Do Short People Live’ and ‘How Long Do Emos Live’ and ‘How Long Does X Live’ whereas X could stand for any variable of the user’s choice.

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Any category can participate in this meme trend

The formula for pranking your friend with this meme is simple; find a defining aspect of their personality, whether it be being short, being emo, or just being an idiot. Then, photoshop an aged result in Google result for the query and make sure the upper margin of the result is your friend’s age.

Finally, you send that image to your friend, along with your deepest condolences.

A Final Remark from BattaBox


Memes have been a part of our media world for some time and they have no plans to retire. There is possibly a meme for everything expression under the sun, and these trends usually originate on TikTok and are usually fun to participate in.

So feel free to play the ‘How Long Do Idiots Live’ prank or any prank of your choice on your friends!

If you have any questions or comments, let us know below.

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