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How to blow on TikTok: Nigerian man exposes three key secrets

A young Nigerian man, known as @ZaddyB, has recently become an internet sensation after sharing tips on how to become popular on TikTok.

In a viral video, he explained to his followers the three essential steps for achieving fame on the platform.

@ZaddyB used his own account as a practical example to guide his followers on the necessary steps to take before creating viral videos. He advised them to follow three simple steps to increase their chances of going viral.

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Use high-quality uploads and relevant hashtags

According to @ZaddyB, the first step is to clear the cache of the TikTok app. He also recommended going to the settings and privacy section of the app and freeing up space to optimize the app’s performance.

The second step is to upload videos using the high-quality upload option. He advised creators to ensure that this option is always turned on to improve the video’s quality.

Lastly, he advised creators to ensure their accounts are not private, as this will limit the audience that can view their videos. He also suggested using relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of the videos.

Netizens react: You too much

The young man’s tips were met with much appreciation from enthusiastic users on the plaftorm. Here are some reactions:

@betty66 : “This worked for me before my other account got banned.”

@perpetualtochukwu: “Teach me how to use only one picture to do video we way no get too much clothes for many pictures.”

@.asantemungu: “I just clear cache and lost all my draft. How can I get them back?”

@classicqueenoladuni: “Appreciated. You too much.”


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Man shares incredible transformation in viral TikTok video

Meanwhile, a video showcasing a man’s transformation that he shared on TikTok garnered responses from viewers.

The man identified as @trickyfreshy on TikTok left users in doubt after making the post. Several users struggled to trust the man in the video after noticing a significant difference in appearance between his old and new photos.

Nonetheless, after five years, the man appeared more interested in showing off his transformation.