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How To Practice Self-Love

Is self love really worth trying? Are there guidelines or rules on how to practice self-love without doing too much? This Article gives a thorough explanation to that, so kindly read on.

There is a saying that goes “Love yourself first, everything else will fall in line’. I think everyone should affirm that to themselves every day. 

Sometimes, we are so caught up in consciously giving love to other people that we forget to love ourselves too. 

What is self-love? 

Self-love is a conscious effort to put yourself first, over and over again.

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Self-love is a feeling of appreciation for oneself that develops through behaviors that promote our mental, emotional, and even spiritual development. Having high regard for your own happiness and well-being is what it means to love yourself. 

Self-love entails attending to your own needs and refraining from putting your health at risk in order to please others. Not settling for less than you deserve is a sign of self-love.

Since we all have a variety of ways to care for ourselves, self-love can mean different things to different people. 

Your mental wellness depends on you figuring out what self-love means to you personally.

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How to love yourself

1. Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing ourselves to others comes naturally to us since we are socialized to be competitive. However, it might be harmful. Since there is just one of you, there is simply no purpose in comparing yourself to anyone else on the earth.

Instead, concentrate on you and your experience. Your sense of freedom will be aided by the energy change alone, thus enhancing your self-love.

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2. Ignore what other people think

Don’t worry about what people think of you or what they anticipate of you, in that same vein. 

This is a waste of time and will only hinder you from becoming the best version of yourself because you cannot keep everyone happy.

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3. Allow yourself to make mistakes

No one is flawless, and everyone makes errors, we are repeatedly told as children. But as you age, the demand to succeed becomes greater.


Give yourself some leeway! Make errors so you can gain knowledge and develop. Be proud of your past. From the person you were yesterday to the person you are now and will be tomorrow, you are continually evolving and improving.

So disregard the voice in your head that tells you to strive for perfection. Make numerous mistakes! You’ll learn invaluable lessons as a result.

4. Process your fears

Fear is a normal and human emotion, just like making mistakes. Hence, you need to recognize your fears rather than reject them. 


Your mental health will benefit greatly from this beneficial practice of self-love.

You might get insight and uncover life issues that were causing you to worry by questioning and analyzing your anxieties. That in turn may lessen some of your tension, if not all of it.

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5. See the beauty in the simple things

Every day, make an effort to notice at least one lovely, minute detail in your environment. 

Be thankful for it and take note of it. In addition to providing perspective, gratitude is crucial to assisting you in discovering joy.

6. Be kind to yourself

One of the easiest ways of practicing self-love is showing kindness, to yourself as much as to others. The world is full of harsh words and critiques — don’t add yours to the mix. Speak kindly to yourself, and don’t call yourself mean things. 

Celebrate yourself. 

You’ve come so far and grown so much. Don’t forget to celebrate yourself, and not only on your birthday!

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7. Learn to say NO

No is such a powerful word, use it often. 

Say no to things that do not fully serve you. Say no to people, activities, and places that do not add value to your existing. 

Say no to people that drain you or make you feel less of yourself. 

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7. Know when to say YES

Yes is just as powerful as no, so learn self-love by practicing saying yes. To people, activities, and experiences that add value to you. 

Come out of your comfort zone, and explore new places, people, and things.

8. Don’t be afraid to let go of toxic people

Not everyone bears accountability for the energy they release into the universe. 

You may need to distance yourself from someone if they refuse to accept responsibility for the toxicity they are bringing into your life. Do this without fear. Yes, it will hurt, but it’s important and liberating.

Protect your energy, always! 

Removing yourself from situations or the company of individuals who are exhausting you is neither impolite nor wrong.

9. Trust yourself to make good decisions for yourself

Even if most of the time we are aware of what is best, we frequently mistrust our own abilities and our willingness to act morally. 

Do not forget that your emotions are real. You aren’t drifting away from reality. Be your strongest supporter since you are the only one who truly knows you.

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Conclusion on self-love 

Self-love might not come easily. But it will eventually get ingrained in your heart.

Yes, you could suffer, but when you look back on these times, you’ll realize that they served as stepping stones on your path to becoming the best version of yourself.

You can also take this self-love test to see how best you can love yourself.