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How to Shoot Your Shot with the Ladies(10+ Verified Steps to Be Successful)

In the olden days and recently, Men have always strived to appeal to the eternal image of a woman. Part of the appeal is understanding how to shoot your shot with the ladies.

How to Shoot Your Shot with the Ladies

When it comes to shooting your shot with the ladies, there are three types of shooters. We have Stephen Curry, Ja Morant, and Dillion Brooks. Basketball fans would be curious right now. The non-basketball fans can click on their names to learn more about them.

Moving on, Why did I classify shooters as these three names?

Stephen Curry is the greatest three-point shooter ever, and he maintains a very humble and balanced personality. He lets his basketball do the talking and leads a somewhat quiet life. I classified Stephen Curry as Type One.

Secondly, “It’s a parade inside my City, yeah”.

How to Shoot Your Shot with the Ladies

That’s the popular slogan of Ja Morant. Ja Morant is an excellent basketball player. He allows his basketball to do the talking, but unlike Stephen Curry, He is a loudmouth and does hesitate to back up his plays with vocal shots. He is also not a prolific three-point shooter But makes spectacular dunks. I classified Ja as Type Two.

Lastly, Dillion Brooks is the shooter you don’t want to be. (I hope Brooks doesn’t see this).


Dillion Brooks isn’t particularly successful with three-pointers or dunking.

Several of us are like Dillion Brooks, and that’s why we are reading this article together. Don’t feel bad if you are game is whack. You should you fully equipped at the end of this article.


How To Shoot Your Shot With the Ladies

Whether you want to be like Stephen Curry with the Ladies, a silent killer and sharpshooter, or you’d like to be like Ja Morant, Alpha-like and loud, you are at the right place.

Shooting your shot at a lady can be a very stressful task. It is often filled with tension and rambling to find the right words to use. You have to hope that all the stars align in your favour to ensure success.

What if I told you that shooting your shot with the ladies can be easy, predictable, and smooth? That’s why you are here today. We would go through various steps that would help you accomplish your goal.

You do not have to feign what you are not to successfully shoot your shot at a lady. You can play to your strengths and work your way through the heart of ladies. I’m about you drop essential knowledge.



How To Shoot Your Shot As A Type One

Shooting your shot at a lady can be very daunting. You wish the ladies can know what you feel and how you feel without saying it.

I am an introverted person, and these skills I am about to list as worked for me and still to this day. Let’s dive in.

1. Research your Crush

Research your Crush

I’m joking pls, not in the Joe Goldberg Kind of way. But, you need to put some time into studying someone you have an eye for. Try to get into their circle and get to know some things about them. This would help you tailor your actions and understand the kind of person she is.

As I say this, I realize I’m describing Joe, but please, I’m not(haha).

This is a very good way to begin the journey of shooting successful shots at a lady. Something as small as her name counts a lot.

2. Plant yourself in Strategic Positions


Hear me out, the idea is to subtly penetrate the mind of your crush and break down the walls without her knowing.

Strategically planting yourselves means putting yourself in her line of sight a couple of times. You can pass by her and mistakenly bump into her or sit across from her and maintain eye contact for a few seconds.

There are other ways to do this. Just ensure she notices you a few times during her day or her week.

If she’s online, you can also strategically get her attention without trying too hard. It could be with a like, comment, or normal DM. Don’t try too hard at this stage.


3. Don’t be Quick to make good impressions

Good impression matters”, they said. I have come to realize that in a world of over a billion people, you are probably not the only one that wants to win over that lady your heart is set after.

So, if everyone is trying to impress her in a good way, why not leave the competition and be different?

That doesn’t mean you should be a total asshole. You can just find a way to act less humanely when she’s around. I believe that would exempt you from the crowd.

4. Approach her

Approach her

After steps 1-3, if she hasn’t made the first move, it’s time for action. This is the time to approach her and introduce yourself. You should not be too formal and rigid with it.

Ensure to be confident with a display of heightened interest in her. For easy icebreakers, you can use a pickup line. This step doesn’t have to go on for too long. Just ensure you hold the conversation well.


5. Get her phone number or social media account and start following up.


This is one of the most important steps in this process. Following up with her either through calling or chatting is a good way to allow her to create an idea of you in her head. This idea you created should be something honest and genuine but also sexy and attractive.

From the chat, you can set up dates and meet up to discuss the bearing and direction of your new “ship”. There are some dos and don’ts of chatting, but I can’t cover them all here.

Just ensure you are relaxed, self-confident, and intuitive.

6. Compliment her differently.

Example: If someone told me I have a handsome face, I wouldn’t be too amused because I’ve heard it a lot of times(I’m not proud).

But someone told me this evening that I had a very nice dentition, and you could see me grinning from ear to ear. It’s not every time you hear such.

Find ways to give long-lasting compliments that would make her smile when she’s on her bed at home. She already knows she’s beautiful.


7. Open up about your feelings

Open up about your feelings

This is where you go for the kill. Many guys get stuck at numbers 5 and 6, Number Seven is key. Letting a lady understand how you feel, and your intentions towards her are very important so you don’t end up in the friend zone.

The Friend zone is reserved for those who chicken out without letting out their intentions. It is a very dark and gloomy place. To avoid this, open up about your feelings. This is the moment you shoot your shot without fear or remorse.

Shooting your shot shouldn’t be cheesy and lackadaisical. This is serious business. You should let her understand how you feel and your hopes.

8. Give her time to consider it

Shooting your shot is like a proposal, don’t always expect replies immediately. Give her time to consider what you just divulged.

Don’t give too much time, though, because the friend zone is looming. I recommend a maximum of 5 days. If she hasn’t decided after 5 days, move on, bro. That soil is not fertile for you.

9. Accept your “W” or “L”


This is not a one-way trip. She can either say Yes or No to you. You should expect a win or a loss. Most guys feel a lady must accept their proposals(not marriage) because it is thoughtful, well crafted, and true.

The truth is no matter how true your feelings are towards a woman, she has every right to reject it. A woman I loved told me that after rejecting me. Don’t get too hopeful, bro. She can reject you.

If it is your day and she agrees to date you, I say congratulations!

10. Repeat

This is an 85% successful road map given to you. Whether you do it and succeed or fail, Repeat it.

The mastery is in practice.


How To Shoot Your Shot as a Type Two

1. Learn from the Peacock

Learn from the Peacock

The peacock is a show-off, especially when it wants to attract the female. This is a very good opener in the process of shooting your shot.

You have to ensure she notices you. Flex Your most admirable qualities.

2. Approach her

This is a faster way compared to the other roadmap. After impressing her with your qualities. Approach her almost immediately while you are still fresh on her mind.

Ensure your approach is calming, jovial, interesting, and Confident.

You can introduce yourself and just talk about something neutral and mildly controversial for a start.

You can also get her phone number or social media handle at this stage if you are sure you might not see her again.

If not, refrain.

3. Use Pick up lines

This is a more aggressive and intentional approach to shooting your shot. You have to keep up the energy and go head-on for what you want.

Pick-up lines are the way to go now. It might seem cheesy and flattering(that is exactly what it is though). Women love it when it is used right.

4. Get her phone number or social media account and start following up.

What's your number?

You might have gotten this at step 2. If not, now is the time to get it. The reason for the delay is to dismiss any feeling of desperation to have her.

You can do this after a second or third meeting. When you get the number, keep the chat interesting and cool as you would be physically. You do not want to contrast that personality.

5. Refrain from Over-Complimenting

Do not make it a habit to over-compliment. Be unpredictable with your compliments so it has value.

6. Open up about your feelings

7. Give her time to consider it

8. Accept your “W” or “L”

9. Repeat

This is a usually quicker process than the other and can seem very smooth and intentional when used well. Some might even call it Chivalrous.

Remember, mastery is in practice.


Use one and leave the other. It’s more apt that way. Shooting your shot with a woman should be easier than it seems. It’s not life or death, it’s Yes or no.

Remove the shyness and fear, and you should be ready. If you feel these methods are missing something, let me know.


Moibi Damilare
Moibi Damilare
Moibi Damilare has a traditional and classical outlook on life. He is often criticised for being critical and one-sided on trending issues which is opposite for such a happy, disciplined and lovely soul.