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How to Shoot Your Shot at the Girl of Your Dreams

You know how you meet a girl and you develop a crush on her. You want to tell her how you feel but you don’t know how. 

That is what we call shooting your shot. 

What was the first thing that popped into your head when you saw this line? 

Shooting your shot can come in various ways, depending on many factors. Like how close you are to the girl, or if you have ever met in person, among others.

There are different ways to shoot your shot at a girl you like.

Don’t be like this guy. Please.

In this article, we shall explore the various ways you can successfully shoot your shot at a girl you like. 

How to shoot your shot

Don’t overthink it

Fear of rejection is one of the main issues guys have in relationships. Don’t allow that to hinder you. Don’t think too much about it. 

According to professional sexologist and psychotherapist Dr. Kristie Overstreet, “No one wants to look silly or be rejected for being themselves. There is also a difficulty with feeling like one is good enough. We are prevented from taking positive risks, like putting ourselves out there, by this anxiety and stress. We tend to think in this way to shield our egos from harm.”

You’ll stress yourself out if you think about it too much. You read into things when you overthink everything, text nonstop for days on end, and don’t make specific plans. We all do it. 

Avoid complicating or overthinking the situation. Ensure simplicity. Inquire if they would want to have dinner or drinks, depending on your budget. Simply go for it.

If they agree, great. You didn’t waste any more time than required if they don’t.

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Keep it simple and straightforward

Don’t beat around the bush. Be a sharp and straight shooter! If not, you’ll end up confusing the babe and that can make her assume you just want to be friends. Don’t be vague by saying things like ‘Want to hang?’ 

Be particular when shooting your shot. Intentionality is very sexy. Ask questions like “Do you have time for dinner on Tuesday night?”

It shows that you know exactly what you want and that you care about them as a person rather than just someone to “hang” out with. 

Dates are just dates. Be audacious and unapologetic in your approach. All that coyness is for novices. 

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Be yourself

This might sound cliché but it really is one of the best pieces of advice you can get in a situation like this. 

A lot of guys — especially those who fear rejection — attempt to be someone they’re not. Speaking with a fake accent, lying to impress, and all that nonsense. 

Authenticity is your best bet. If she likes you already, then she likes you. 

Don’t try to sweep her off her feet with grand gestures and all that. It’s not needed yet. 

Be genuinely interested in her

Beyond liking her for whatever reason, expressing genuine interest in getting to know her is a good way to shoot your shot. 

Ask what her hobbies are, give your views, engage her in conversation, send memes… you can laugh your way into her heart. Before you know it, you guys have an inside joke and you are having fun. 

It’s easier to shoot your shot at someone you are familiar with.

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Be romantic 

Don’t be uncouth. Compliment her. Don’t be superfluous in your compliments (she knows she isn’t the most beautiful person in the world), amplify features that attract you to her.

This way, your compliments will be genuine and appreciated. 

Pay attention to what she says

This is so important, as you can get tips and clues on what your date should look like from what she says. 

If she says in passing that she has fear of water, you should automatically know that a date at the beach or waterside restaurant will be a terrible experience for her. 

Listen to her and if you are that serious, note important things that she says. I promise you it will come in handy one day. 

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Don’t just shoot, follow up with action

Many guys, especially Nigerian men, just plan with no action. When you let her know you are interested in her, plan something immediately.

Be intentional. Follow up! 

Before you ask, make sure she’s available

Almost forgot this important tip!

Please don’t ask someone’s wife out ??. Some of you be doing pass yourself. 

There is nothing worse than spending all this time preparing and plucking up your courage only to find out she’s already in a relationship. 

So, make sure, if possible, to find out whether she is available first. Ask her if she is available and interested before you invest yourself. 

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Don’t introduce her to an energy you cannot maintain 

Don’t start with being an intentional, consistent, loving giving man then switch up later. 

Must be a joke

If she says no, then take your L and move on 

Understand here and now that NO means NO. 

Not maybe, not I’ll think about it, not keep pestering me till I’m forced to say yes. 

No is no. 

And please, do not try to convince her to change her mind. You may ask why for closure, but she is not obliged to give you a reason either. If you have watched movies where they told you persistence is a sign of love and commitment, please dead that. 

It isn’t. It is in fact very scary and unnecessary. A major turn of and violation of consent and privacy. If you meet someone who wants that, it is actually a red flag and you should stay away from them.

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How to shoot your shot: In conclusion

Shooting your shot can be quite nerve-wracking. Putting yourself out there is a significant risk no matter how sure you are because getting rejected hurts.

But it doesn’t matter if you get rejected, the important thing is that you tried. In the words of Shakira, if you get turned down, ‘pick yourself, dust yourself off, get in the saddle’. 

Another babe will come and you will move again!