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I need advice: Woman cries out as husband goes out every night without telling her where he’s going

A Nigerian woman has been left with no choice but to seek advice from social media users over her husband’s confusing behavior.

In a Facebook post, the married lady identified as Chioma explained that she has noticed that her husband hardly spends quality time with her.

She added that to top it off, her spouse goes out every night without telling her where he’s going, and when she asks he fumes at her to not be inquisitive.

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The frustrated woman explained that she is confuzzled and hardly understands her own husband, she shared her dilemma as she asked for help from people.

woman confused about where husbnad goes

“Pls I need your advice, my husband always goes out every night and when u ask him where he is going to he will say it’s none of my business that I don’t have the right to ask him his whereabouts and am tired of that and we no longer spend time like we used to. pls what should I do?”

woman confused about where husbnad goes

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Nigerian lady seeks counsel over her possessive husband

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady took to social media to seek counsel over her possessive husband. This gist was uploaded on Facebook by @Okoro Debby on ‘Godly Marriage and Relationship Counseling’ page.

The lady pointed out that the guy is kind and everything a lady could want in a man. Her issue was his overprotectiveness.

She claimed he would always want to know the men that sit beside her in public transport vehicles.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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