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Why I want to marry a Nigerian man – Cameroonian singer Sabrina

A famous Cameroonian musician, Wamba Kuegou Sabrina Ruth, better known as Sabrina, has revealed her love for Nigerian men, especially those residing in Lagos.

The 22-year-old, in a conversation with Kemi Filani, disclosed reasons why she could someday marry a Nigerian man.

According to her, Lagos is a beautiful place where she finds a mix of Douala Cameron and London, adding that it’s a state where you have to hustle your way to success.

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Sabrina explained that she wouldn’t mind marrying a Nigerian man because she believes they are smart, hardworking and intentional.

“Lagos is just a beautiful place. Just like now, is easy to find me in Lagos these days because I like here a lot. For me, is a fine blend of Douala Cameroon and London UK all in one.

I love the beaches, the food, the streets hustles reminds you to wake up and face your hustle and not forgetting the music of course.

Now, I can proudly say that I can marry a Nigerian man. 100 % yes. They are very smart, hardworking and intentional kind of men so yes I can,” Sabrina said.

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Nigerian man says he can not allow his children to marry from the trenches

Meanwhile, a Nigerian businessman said he would never allow his child to marry someone from the “trenches.”

In a Twitter post, @RonaldNzimora stated, “proper trench people are the most dangerous people.”

He said that the subject is not to be sanctimonious or emotional and that people can do whatever they want with their children.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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