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I can marry an old man as long as he gives me money – Teenage actress reveals

Teenage Nigerian actress Mercy Kenneth Okonkwo shocked netizens after revealing that she could marry an old man.

According to her, as long as the old man is financially capable and gives her money, she has no problems dating or marrying him. 

She made this shocking revelation in a TikTok video where she was dancing while on her bed, and someone commented, “Can’t you see he doesn’t love you but for your fame?”

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Wads of Naira notes could be seen on the bed where the actress was lying down, and she even fixed some on her ear and other parts of her body.

He gives me money

The 13-year-old actress fired back with a dismissive remark, saying, “I can’t see because he gives me money.”

While reacting to the video, many of her fans in the comments section expressed their love for the actress, calling her beautiful names.

Some others begged her for a video, stating they were desperate and would be glad if she became their friend.   

However, some netizens doubted whether Mercy Kenneth is indeed a 13-year-old as she claims or was pretending.

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20-year-old man who divorced teenage wife, reconciles with her

Meanwhile, a young Nigerian who divorced his 17-year-old wife finally revealed that he reconciled with her.

The 20-year-old man previously announced his divorce from his wife, calling his union the biggest mistake of his life.

However, in a recent TikTok video, the young man said he’d taken back his wife after being divorced for just three months.

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