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I charge $100k for Collaborations – Davido

Afrobeat sensation Davido recently made headlines when he unveiled the price he now charges for a feature.

In an interview, the acclaimed artist declared that instead of collaborating with international artists for free, he had begun imposing a fee.

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I Charge $100k for collaborations' Davido Reveals| Battabox.com
I Charge $100k for collaborations’ Davido Reveals

He stated that his current rate for a feature is $100,000 (equivalent to N46 million) along with a video.

Asserting his new policy, Davido humorously stated, “Nigga, I am charging now.

Yeah, I am charging now. I am sending my lawyers. If I know you, $100k.”

This news comes after Davido previously revealed the substantial amount of money he invested in his last album, “A Better Time,” amounting to nearly $2 million.

Despite the hefty expenditure, the talented artist expressed gratitude for the growth of African music.

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He shared that for his latest album, he spent $300,000 and generated triple that amount in profit within just three days, highlighting the impressive trajectory of African music.

Supporting this financial dedication, Davido also disclosed that he paid a significant sum for a music video featuring TG Omori for one of the songs on his new album.

These developments illustrate Davido’s commitment to his craft and his recognition of the increasing value of African music on the global stage.