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My online boyfriend broke up with me because I forgot to flush the toilet- Nigerian lady weeps

A heartbroken Nigerian lady wept profusely after her online boyfriend dumped her after visiting him in Abuja.

In the video making rounds on social media, the young woman, @baebimiri, burst into tears as she shared with the world how her online lover stopped communicating with her.

According to her, she has never been lucky with dating men physically for some reason, so she decided to try online dating.

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Her decision prompted her to communicate with her online boyfriend after she was matched with him on a dating app, Tinder.

Young woman pays a visit to her online man

She continued communicating with the young man, and they eventually started a romantic relationship.

The young lady explained that after several persuasion from the guy, she decided to pay him a visit at his house in Abuja.

After a few hours of getting to his house, she needed to use the toilet and enquired from her online boyfriend where his restroom is, and the young man pointed to its location.

The lover girl used the toilet, continued conversing with her man, and returned to her house later in the day.

However, the young lady noticed that the young man had cut off all communication with her after she got home and pondered why he did so.

The following day, she went to her restroom to use the toilet and recalled that she had forgotten to flush his toilet after she used it and summed up that it must have been why her online man stopped communicating with her.

While recounting her experience with social media users, the young lady broke down into tears.

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Lady wails after as boyfriend of 5 years dumps her after promising her forever

Meanwhile, after being rejected by her five-year boyfriend, a young Nigerian woman drowned in the pool of her own tears.

The heartbroken and distraught woman revealed that her boyfriend, Femi broke things off with her after dating for five years.

In a video posted online, she accused her lover of breaking his pledge to stay by her side forever.

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