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I lost lead role for refusing to sleep with the man in charge – Actress Ruby Ojiakor

Ruby Ojiakor, a well-known Nollywood actress and producer, has disclosed that she has received s3x-for-role offers in the film industry.

She recalled rejecting a marketer’s offer to bed her in an interview with The Punch in order to get the lead role in a film.

Ojiakor claimed that she assumed it wouldn’t matter when she turned down his approaches because filming had already begun; however, she was substituted in later parts.

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She said, “I remember when I was called for a job in Enugu and we shot it for two days. I was supposed to be the female lead character in the movie. The marketer that owned the job wanted to ‘get down’ with me. But, I told him I could not do such a thing. I thought that since I had started shooting some scenes in the movie, nothing could be done to me and he cannot cancel my scenes, which I shot with Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel, then.”

The actress stated that she felt she would be untouchable since she also shot some scenes with the popular actor and they couldn’t get him to re-act those scenes.

They paid him extra

To her surprise, she was not called to continue her role and when she challenged the manager, she was told not to be upset because she was replaced.

She also found out that Majid Michel was also paid extra to re-do his scenes.

“The scenes I had already shot were wiped out from that movie. That was a painful experience, but I have moved on.

I don’t think anything can be done to stop s3xual advances from filmmakers. Some people have tried to report them, but it has not yielded any positive result.”

The actress noted that an actress who reported an offender was only setting herself up for a fall as she would never get roles again.

The offenders knew each other and worked like a cartel. The best thing according to her was to be firm on not doing what others were doing.

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I cannot marry a man younger than 60 – Actress, Linda John reveals

Meanwhile, Nollywood actress, Linda John said she wouldn’t second guess being married to a man older than 60.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Ms. John stated that she loves older marriages since she has learned from experience that they endure longer than younger ones.

But the strong and attractive actor said that a man like that had to fulfill a number of criteria.

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