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I love the ebony skin: Lady who used to bleach shows off black skin, advises women against it

A naturally beautiful blacked-skinned woman has elicited reactions from social media users after she revealed pictures of herself when she bleached her skin.

In a video posted by one @dengajith91 on TikTok, a young child was heard in the background questioning her mother regarding bleach her skin after she saw her mothers wedding pictures where she was light-skinned.

“Mummy why did you bleach your skin?, I can’t recognize you, i love the black skin, it seems like you didn’t love yourself,” the young kid chastised.

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The woman then replied her child apologizing and confessing that she was young and thought that bleaching her skin was the best thing she could ever do.

The woman continued by advising black-skinned women to never bleach their skin, adding that its not worth it and would ultimately ruin their skin.

In the video, the woman who had showed pictures of herself when she used to bleach showed off her dark skin while the conversation played in the background.

Reactions: Darkskin is beautiful

The transition in the video caught the attention of netizens. While many were happy about her decision to go back to her natural skin and embrace it, others gush over the beautiful dark-skinned woman.

@1738488ahwu1816: Your lucky your color came back and you didn’t get cancer some people are so lucky. I’m happy your love the beautiful pigmentation now 🙂

@Beverly adaeze: My jaw dropped at the beauty. Wow!

@Siwa: You’re so beautiful ??

@Aïcha Ali: So much more beautiful . Melanin is rich

@Gracieee.c: You are absolutely breathtaking, pure beauty?

@ᴀɴɪʏᴀ: so happy your color came back, beautiful

@Lily: What a beautiful message ?❤️❤️

@Cindy: Aww Mashallah ❤️Darkskin is so beautiful


I regret it please do not bleach your skin thank you.

♬ original sound – Aj jopdheng

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Young girl shows off her popping black skin

Meanwhile, the gorgeous black skin of a young girl got many social media users head over heels.

This was after Blades Runners posted photos of her beautiful dark skin on Facebook.

Many netizens were astounded by her beauty and the smoothness of her skin.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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