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I no do again: Nigerian groom storms out of wedding due to extortion

In a viral video, a groom angrily left his own engagement ceremony because the bride’s family demanded for maggi and malt.

The journalist who made a video of this issue stated that the bride’s family complained about some demands in the bride price list were not provided.

The groom who must have been fed up with their demands stormed out of the ceremony.

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Was that the time to ask fo maggi?

The bride who had 3 outfits to showcase hadn’t even appeared in the first one when the groom left.

Interestingly, the journalist seemed excited about it.

Netizens reacted in their numbers. See some of their reactions::

@honourable_chief: “Him no see copy of list before he reach there? Abi he dey expect year end sales discount on top wife matter? Because I am confused.”

@chimeezu: “This needs to happen often for change to occur. Infact about time that Africans just go and get married in court and go to the house”

@akua_unyce: “The family should be ashamed. Was that the time to ask for Magi? So if their daughter no marry, they no fit buy magi? Besides they could have asked from the groom’s family privately and maybe they would bring it later. Useless culture.”

@okiesovwiz: “Oga buy the magi and malt oo. Those village people for vex enter your marriage ooo. Don’t play abeg”

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Bride refuses to marry groom on wedding day

In another story, netizens were shocked after a bride decided not to marry her groom on the wedding day.

The incident which was documented on camera and shared on TikTok got folks talking.

In the clip, the bride looked confused as she stood at the altar with the groom. When the pastor asked her to say her vows and confirm her marriage to him, she said no.

I no do again: Nigerian groom storms out of wedding due to extortion

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