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I stopped being a Christian because God has favourites – Nigerian lady says

A Nigerian lady has shared a heartbreaking reason why she stopped going to church and also praying to God.

In a series of tweets, @Ni_Foh explained that she put a stop to communicating with God because she quickly realized that he has a favourite.

According to her, she believed so much in God at a very young age but changed her mind when she found out that God has favourites and if you are not one of his favourites, then your prayers would not be answered.

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The young woman explained how she prayed and asked God for several things which she never got right from when she was young.

She added that she is not scared of disappointments from God or death because she has prayed several times for several things and not once has she gotten what she wished for.

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They ignored our problems, told us to pray for one rich fellow- Man reveals

Meanwhile, an African man, Patrick Munemo, a writer and marketing strategist shared on social media why he put a stop to attending church.

In response to a Facebook user, who asked the public why they stopped going to church, the Zimbabwean man explained that he stopped going because they keep asking them to pray for a wealthy man.

According to him, the leaders in the house of God ignored everybody’s personal problems and kept insisting they prayed for one rich man anytime he was travelling or his wife was pregnant.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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