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I was in a relationship then so I didn’t even take him serious, but oga no gree – Nigerian Lady shares

A newly married Nigerian woman took on social media to share how she used to be in a serious relationship when she met her husband.

She said that while the world was in great despair because of COVID-19, it was just the beginning of a relationship which eventually ended in marriage.

In her story, she shared how she had just visited her home for few days while still serving as a corps member, only to received a call from a guy which she assumed was for business purposes because she was a jewelry seller.

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She pointed out that she told him that she had a boyfriend when he showed up at her place and expressed his affection to her, but he wasn’t moved.

They started seeing each other even more frequently, She ending up breaking up with her ex boyfriend which eventually led to her husband proposing to her.

She said in her post :

“COVID-19 came and the world was in great despair but it’s the beginning of Sweet love in My life”.

I was serving in Ibadan then, I had to come home for few days to do something. The day after I got home, I received a call from a guy asking me if I was at home, and I told him yes and asked him if he knows my house and he didn’t reply.

The next thing was that he called few minutes after that he’s outside the gate, I went out to meet him thinking he wants to buy bracelet ( don’t mind my business spirit ) and the first thing oga said was ‘ I like you ‘ I was like “mad o”

I was in a relationship then so I didn’t even take him serious but oga no gree , he kept coming everyday. I planned to go back to Ibadan after a week but God is the master planner (lock down started and NYSC official told us to go home, I was already at home so I kuku stayed at home)

We were seeing each other everyday. I told him I have a boyfriend but he said ” you guys will break up, don’t worry” and as God will have it, my boyfriend started annoying me, fight every time (mind you, he isn’t in the country)

He picked me up everyday to follow him to his store, I started correcting him on some things he need to change about his business and he listened. My then bf and I broke up at a point.

I started developing feelings for Mr Man

Lorokan sha, I started developing feelings for Mr Man and I can’t even remember how I said yes to him (we just knew we can’t do without each other) Our dating days were amazinggggggggg, My proposal was heavenly!!! It was on my birthday.

The First surprise I got was from Royal hugs (My favorite surprise plug ), I couldn’t stop crying ( note: something entered my eyes ni o ) Happy was an understatement for how I felt that day. Night came, he said he wants us to go on a dinner date with his friends and brother on a yacht not knowing he has planned my proposal, I got proposed to and said yes to him on my birthday, November 24, 2021.

He advised me to start selling Bridal shoes and purses, also casual slippers and hand bags. I listened and started selling.

He contacted my supplier and surprised me with goods to add to My stocks on my 2022 birthday  We dated for 2 years and few months and got married on March 19, 2023. And it has been happy moments everyday. Thank you for reading.”

Her post garnered a lot of views, as nitizens took on social media to share their thoughts.

@swagglenoodles said :“I’m sure you want to recreate this picture”

@Foodlum said: “I will keep saying this, na woman dey chose man no be man dey chose woman. If she doesn’t like you, do all the gymnastics at the end you will regret it and and start looking like a clown.. women are who they think they are, do you know how many guys are on her dm and she chose u?”

@ZukaPh said: “Focus on improving your life because a woman will leave you as soon as she sees someone who’s financially ahead of you. Na when she see rich man na him her boyfriend start annoy her accountability hard for una.”

@GodwinDenzel said: “Women tho… You started cheating on your ex, left him cus of the distance, ofcourse there’s a new guy close to you. The details was not necessary. He wasn’t annoying. New found love was the “doings”.. enjoy your marriage”

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