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I’d rather be a single mother: Woman explains why she got married and divorced 3 times

A woman shared on Facebook why she chose divorce as a solution while taking care of her children.

In the video, the lady sat in her car and tried to fathom why some men act the way they do. She accused her estranged husbands of irresponsibility.

She explained how she chose divorce over the feeling of loneliness their irresponsibility brought her.

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Parenting with a broken heart is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

As she gave her reasons for her preferences, she spoke of how love sustained the relationships of older generations. She pointed out the rarity of such a love in recent marriages.

The three-time divorcee admitted to the wound in her heart and how it affects her relationship with her children. She ended by saying her broken heart doesn’t make the environment conducive for her family.

Netizens flooded the comments with varying reactions, but the majority were unsupportive. See some of them:

@Adaugo: “If you can’t maintain your second marriage , you are likely not maintain the rest because you’re used to divorce”

@Chika Nwokolo: “After your first marriage failed you should have properly worked on yourself

If possible check yourself in a rehab. I wish u good luck”

@Niran Nick: “This is a voice of a miserable person brandishing her failures and seeking social justifications.”

@Debby Fadoju: “Most Nigerian women won’t hear this one, they will tolerate anything just to be able to say that they are married”

@Chinedu Emma Mba: “Toxic people everywhere”

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Four years after divorce, woman remarries as third wife

Meanwhile, after four years of divorcing her husband, a woman ended up as the third wife in a new marriage.

A Twitter user, going by the handle @KawuGarba, tweeted the story. He narrated that the woman had assisted the man in paying for his law school tuition.

After completing his education and securing his ideal position years later, he made the decision to bring a new wife into his home. This led to conflict with his first wife, who filed for divorce.

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