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If you’re not married as a woman, you’re a nobody- Nigerian man opines

A Nigerian man, Duke Darls, has advised women to pray they find a man who is ready to marry them, or they will be tagged as a nobody in the society.

The young man declared this in several posts on Twitter, where he also opined that a time would come when single women will be more rampant than married ones in Nigeria.

According to the financial analyst, women benefit more from marriages but still ‘talk down’ on men.

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Duke Darls added that Nigerian ladies should pray they find a man who is ready to settle with them, or else they will suffer.

Nigerian women benefit more from relationships

In a series of tweets, Duke said, “Few years from now Nigeria will have one of the most largest numbers of unmarried women roaming the streets. This is not a joke or a swift attack to the ladies, it’s just based on statistics. Niqqas on this side of the world can’t really pinpoint the importance nowadays.”

“Nigerian women benefit more from marriage & relationships yet whenever u hear them talk they always talking down on the men. Firstly you’re a nobody in the society if u ain’t married as a woman, so better shut up & pray for a man to deem u worthy to be wifed if not U go suffer o,” he continued.

If not u go pay rent tire, don’t think bcos u have brothers they’ll take care of u oh, my dear they will only send u money & that’s it. You’ll starve of s3x, men ur age won’t want you, young boys sef go use u learn how to knack then move on. Calm down now, suffer Dey front,” Darl concluded.

Man reveals wants to marry a woman that nobody has touched

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man identified as Jonathan Goodluck Nkwuda said what some probably wish for as he revealed his desire to marry a woman who has never been deflowered.

Jonathan shared his intention on Facebook, claiming that he prayed to marry a woman who has never been touched by another man.

According to the young man, he has to be the first person “to experience it his own wife,” and feel her blood.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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