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Igbo to the World: Crocodile masquerade called ‘Aguiyi’ goes viral

A video showcasing the beauty of the Igbo tradition caused a stir online and left netizens in a daze.

Eastern Nigeria is home to a wide spectrum of beautiful cultural displays and heritage. The beauty of their masquerade festivals is second to none and the inhabitants of the land esteem their tradition so well.

The Aguiyi masquerade is a masquerade in the form of a crocodile. Like the other masquerades in the culture, it is seen as a superior being and treated with high respect.

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Heat no go finish the person inside???

In the video posted on TikTok by @nonnysky30, the people in a certain village in Anambra were seen in festive spirits. They stood by the road to parade with the masquerade.

They set up canopies and made banners to praise the gods of their land and ascribe honor to their culture.

Netizens flocked to the comments to identify with their culture and to make enquiries. See some of their reactions:

@protocolbreaker3: “If u are an igbo… U must be super proud of ursef… U don’t know what God has done for you.”

@queenkristysam: “Igbo to the world! if I no married Igbo man make I see wetin cause am Igbo Amaka”

@pweetymirabel49: “Is it human being that is inside? this is my first time seeing this tho”

@mhizfavourlove: “I was crying while watching this cause my dad was the leader of this now his no more”

@cruise_fab: “My Anambra people and Culture na 5& 6″

@user981574618254:“this is very scary”

@meccisolar: “Abeg heat no go finish the person inside ???”

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Igbo man gives lady 1.5m to prepare for a date with him

Meanwhile, on another episode of ‘God When?’ a Nigerian lady received N1.5 million from an Igbo man to prepare for a date with him.

The social media admirer claimed to be from Imo state and asked for a chance to know her. The TikToker shared this story on her page @_preciousubani.

In the post, she made a video montage and overlayed the audio with a voiceover. The excitement in her voice was contagious.