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Before marriage, investigate who you want to marry- Nigerian woman advises single ladies

A Nigerian woman has advised single ladies to investigate who they plan to marry before their wedding as she shared her experience.

The woman, @daramolaehinde revealed on TikTok her unpleasant encounter with a pastor who claimed to have been single and eventually married her.

According to her, she married her pastor ex-husband as a virgin and discovered after ten years that he is legally married to another woman in his home town with kids.

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She explained that at the time of their marriage, she was responsible for all the finances because he claimed to have been called by God to serve him.

The pastor ruined my dreams, vision, talents and gifts

Daramola continued that it was after a decade she realized he had a secret family in his village. After her discovery, she divorced the man and moved on.

Many years later the young woman, fortunately, met another man and married him. Daramola shared photos of herself before and after the traumatic experience.

“This was me October 3 years ago after I discovered the so-called man of God I got married to has been legally married in his home town with kids. And he lived a fake life @davathdareiande,good years. A pastor that disflowered me on our wedding night,” she said.

Daramola continued, “Hummmmmmm and still had the guts to keep his past from me. Thank God for exposing him. I had been the one sustaining d family while he refused to work said God called him.
Singles pls shine your eyes well. Before marriage, prayer is good but do investigations well on who u are spending the rest of ur life with. See ehn, this man ruined my dreams, visions, talents, gifts but thank God I came out alive.”

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Nigerian man says a woman is a nobody if she doesn’t marry

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man, Duke Darls, advised women to pray they find a man who is ready to marry them, or they will be tagged as a nobody in the society.

The young man declared this in several posts on Twitter, where he also opined that a time would come when single women will be more rampant than married ones in Nigeria.

According to the financial analyst, women benefit more from marriages but still ‘talk down’ on men.

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