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iPhone XR Price in Nigeria

Want to know more about the iPhone XR price in Nigeria? Below is a quick guide:

The iPhone is an elegant phone owned by the Apple company and has risen to the rank of one of the ideal phones for any phone user over the years.

But the iPhone comes in different numbers of models which are manufactured yearly.

The iPhone XR is one such model of the iPhone that comes to mind. But how much does the iPhone XR cost in Nigeria in 2022? 

The iPhone XR price in Nigeria 2022 is between ₦200,000 and ₦220,000 for the 64GB base variant.

While the 128GB model is sold in the range of ₦250,000 and ₦270,000. However, this price range depends on the retailer and the important factor of the current dollar and Naira exchange rate.

The iPhone XR smartphone has a 6.1-inch, 90.3-cm2 (79.0% screen-to-body ratio), 625-nit touchscreen display with a liquid retina resolution of 828 x 1792 pixels and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio (326 PPI density).

It has a Li-Ion 2942 mAh battery and is merchandised to support Fast Charging 15W, 50% in 30 minutes. The iPhone XR’s primary rear camera is 12MP, and its front camera is 7MP + SL 3D.

The Apple A12 Bionic (7 nm) processor within the iPhone XR powers iOS 12, which can be upgraded to iOS 16.0.3. The phone weighs 194 g and measures 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm (5.94 x 2.98 x 0.33 in) (6.84 oz).

The phone supports 4G, 3G, and 2G networks and is offered in black, red, yellow, blue, coral, and white.

This article evaluates whether the iPhone XR is a good buy in 2022 and provides additional pricing-related information regarding the iPhone.

In addition to the iPhone XR price in Nigeria and details on where to buy it. The iPhone 11 has subsequently replaced the iPhone XR, which Apple stopped selling in 2021. However, it is still possible to easily purchase a refurbished iPhone XR or a brand-new one.

Make sure the iPhone XR you buy is an original model before making a purchase. In addition, before making a decision, carefully study customer reviews regardless of the iPhone XR pricing.

A genuine purchase is typically an iPhone XR with a review of 4.6 or above and a merchant evaluation of 92% or more on Aliexpress. Long-term.

There is often minimal cause for fear if you are happy with the price of the iPhone XR but not the device itself because the shop will return your cash if you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

iPhone XR Price in Nigeria


The iPhone XR waterproof Quality 

IP67 certification is included on the iPhone XR. This index states that it can be immersed for 30 minutes in a meter of water. But for water resistance, IP68 is always the standard. The iPhone XR has an IP67 rating.

It can withstand splashes, spills, and brief submersion in water. Water damage is, therefore, not covered by the iPhone XR’s guarantee. As a result, you ought to refrain from trying your luck.

Long-term immersion in water can be catastrophic for the iPhone XR, while it may survive for a short while.


The iPhone XR dual-SIM

One of the iPhone XR’s most exciting new features is its dual SIM. However, it differs from a conventional dual SIM. The new iPhones from Apple come with an eSIM in addition to the conventional SIM cards.

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The iPhone XR Makeup 

The elegant design of the iPhone XR stands out among its many advantages, despite a sizable notch on the screen for Apple’s face recognition sensors.

The A12 Bionic CPU of the iPhone XR is three generations older than the SoC in the iPhone 13, the series’ most recent model.

Comparing the iPhone XR to other Android and iOS devices now on the market, there are two key differences. The picture module is the first, and the screen quality is the second.

The 12-megapixel back camera’s wide-angle lens is one of the main reasons the iPhone XR costs so little in Nigeria. The finest Infinix camera phone in Nigeria, the Infinix Zero X Pro, costs less than this gadget, but it has better specs.

The iPhone XR’s Liquid Retina display, which has an HD resolution of 1792 x 828 pixels, is subpar by luxury market standards. The majority of mid-range Android devices, though, use it.

Furthermore, the iPhone XR debuted iOS 12, but iOS 15.6 is also supported. One new operating system update for the device is expected from Apple.

This means that for another two years, the device will continue to obtain new features and improvements in the privacy and security departments.

iPhone XR Price in Nigeria

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The iPhone XR Design & Display

The noticeable angularity of this phone, as opposed to the iPhone 11, which is lighter, is the first thing that stands out while holding it in hand. One would also immediately observe that the bezels around the frame are larger.

This phone’s bezels are clearly defined and easy to see around it, giving it a more picturesque appearance.

The phone has IP67 protection against dust and water. For further security, it boasts an oleophobic coating and a glass surface that resists scratches.

Its screen measures 6.1 inches and has a lower resolution of 828 x 1792 pixels. It’s crucial to note that while this gadget lacks 3D touch, it still has a wonderful True-tone display.

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The iPhone Hardware & Software

This device is perfectly suited for the Apple Bionic 12 CPU. This guarantees that the system will function without a hitch, no matter what is done to it.

On this gadget, Apple undoubtedly places a priority on performance while yet keeping the price low.

It has 3GB of RAM instead of the iPhone 11’s 4GB. You can choose between three storage options for the iPhone XR: 64/128/256 GB.

Significant aspects like IOS 12—including Apple Pay, the virtual personal assistant Siri, and several AI improvements—are included.

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The iPhone XR Price in Nigeria UK Used

The iPhone XR price (Jiji) ranges from about ₦160,000 to ₦200,000. So now that you are aware of the various price points for this phone, what does the iPhone XR in 2022 offer?

The iPhone XR was unveiled in September 2018 alongside the iPhone XS and XS Max as a less expensive alternative.

Here is what you’d get on the phone for a slightly lower starting price point. The 6.1-inch LCD screen is first, unlike the OLED panels in pricier versions.

In typical Apple fashion, the phone has an unidentified Gorilla Glass coating on the front and back to give it a premium feel.

It also has an IP67 rating for ingress safeguard against both water and dust. A single 12MP sensor, the same as the one found in the iPhone 8, serves as the camera’s rear sensor, while the reliable 7MP front-facing camera is located on the front.

It is one of the best video recording smartphones available today, even in 2022, with video recording speeds of up to 4K@60fps for the rear camera and 1080p@60fps for the front camera.

You receive the A12 Bionic chipset, which has 3GB of RAM and was Apple’s flagship chip for 2018 and will still be among the top chip performers in 2022. It comes pre-installed with iOS 12 and has an iOS 15.5 upgrade option.

In addition to everything else you’ve come to expect from a high-end Apple product, you get the standard stereo speaker configuration.


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The iPhone XR Price in Nigeria on Slot & The iPhone XR price in Nigeria Jumia & Konga

The starting price for the iPhone XR in Nigeria is ₦250,000, or about $400. The price of the iPhone XR in Nigeria varies, though, depending on how much storage space you’re looking to purchase.

It is currently on sale at shops all around the nation. The bad news is that as of November 11th, 2022, Jumia has run out of stock.

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XR vs XS

Due to its design, enormous 6.1-inch display, and, most crucially, lower pricing in Nigeria, while sporting the same technology, the iPhone XR is preferable to the iPhone XS.

Although the iPhone XS has much more internal storage than the iPhone XR, which has tragically inadequate 3GB of RAM.

You can combine this RAM with 64/128/256 GB of storage to ensure you never receive the unpleasant “memory full” notification.
You can combine this RAM with 64/128/256 GB of storage to ensure you never receive the unpleasant “memory full” notification.

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End Note 

Even though the iPhone XR is Apple’s cheapest gadget at the time of writing, rival smartphones with comparable specifications offer a better value for the money.

The iPhone XR is not worth buying if you want a smartphone in 2022 with a higher screen resolution and a camera with extra capabilities like ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle lenses, optical zoom, and a depth sensor.

Other Apple products in the same price range as the iPhone XR provide better battery management and a more potent CPU.

This is true of the iPhone SE, which we heartily endorse. The iPhone XR continues to be relevant in updates and software maintenance.


iPhones are now a common item in Nigeria, especially among youths. We hope that this article would help you to determine which of the iPhone brands you prefer as we keep pushing out articles about smartphones in Nigeria.

FAQs about iPhone XR Price in Nigeria

Where can I buy the iPhone XR in Nigeria?

The iPhone XR can be purchased from various authorized Apple retailers, official Apple stores, as well as reputable online marketplaces in Nigeria. Some popular options include Slot, Jumia, Konga, and official Apple retail stores. It is recommended to compare prices and check for authorized sellers to ensure you are getting a genuine product with warranty.

Does the price of the iPhone XR in Nigeria include taxes?

The price of the iPhone XR in Nigeria may or may not include taxes depending on the seller and the location of purchase. It’s important to confirm with the seller whether the price includes taxes or if additional taxes need to be paid separately. Taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT) may be applicable, so it’s advisable to inquire about any potential additional costs.

Are there any ongoing discounts or promotions for the iPhone XR in Nigeria?

Discounts and promotions for the iPhone XR in Nigeria may vary depending on the time and location. It is recommended to check with authorized Apple retailers, online marketplaces, or official Apple websites for any ongoing offers, discounts, or bundle deals. Following official Apple social media channels and newsletters may also provide information on promotions or special offers.