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Isreal DMW’s Cryptic Post Sparks Rumors After Davido Unfollows Him

The social media sphere is buzzing with speculations about the intentions of Isreal DMW, the logistics manager of Nigerian musician Davido.

The rumor mill started churning after Davido unfollowed Isreal on Instagram.

Isreal DMW is known for his quirky posts on social media, and his latest set of pictures did not disappoint.

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Israel Dmw with Davido| Battabox.com
Israel Dmw with Davido

He shared snapshots of himself posing in a white towel, showing off his toned chest. In front of him was a stole, which had a plastic bottle filled with some green herbs.

Fans are now curious about the significance of the pictures.

Many are wondering if Isreal is trying to send a message to Davido, or if he is simply having fun with his followers.

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Some have suggested that the green herbs in the bottle might be a reference to Davido’s love for smoking weed.

Others have speculated that Isreal might be trying to launch a new business venture, or that he is teasing a new project with Davido.

Whatever Isreal DMW’s intentions might be, one thing is for sure: he has succeeded in getting people talking.