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It is wrong for a Christian married man to put all his fortune in his mother’s name — Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi, a self-proclaimed life coach, has joined in on the heated discussion about whether a man’s wife should be considered his family member.

He expressed his viewpoint while responding to the trending conversation about Moroccan footballer Achraf Hakimi, whose wife Hiba Abouk filed for divorce. She allegedly demanded half of his assets, but got nothing because his properties were in his mother’s name.

Buchi shared his opinion on Twitter, stating that if a man could not trust his wife with his wealth, there was no point in marrying her. He believed that involving one’s mother in one’s finances was strange and that a man’s next of kin should be his wife, not his mother.

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According to Solomon, “Your assets should have your wife’s name on them too. This is biblical marriage; you have become one in Holy Matrimony.”

He advised against marrying someone whom you cannot trust with everything you own. Buchi emphasized that Christian marriage was not a place to fight to protect one’s assets but rather a place to give. He believed that something must be at risk and that if one isn’t willing to risk anything, then one isn’t truly in love.

Mixed reactions from social media

Buchi’s opinion has sparked further debate on the topic, with some agreeing with his views and others expressing a different perspective. Nonetheless, his tweet has gone viral, receiving numerous comments and retweets.

Below are some reactions:

@Nmaunique1: “I agree with you. Divorce is not biblical too but in cases where you foresee a divorce that can ruin all you’ve worked for. You better use you human wisdom. Don’t go and be waiting on the Bible. Before you are left empty handed. Bible no send you that one.”

@nosaalways: “Guys the thing is, it’s not an argument or disagreement. Just a discussion. Fundamentally, what he’s saying is right, but you must also be sensitive when applying scriptures to certain scenarios, because life can throw things at you that you didn’t even bargain for.”

@SamuelA13284266: “Imagine say Hakimi’s father willed all his asset to his own biological mother How will his mother of hakimi feel?”

@Goodybae2: “Are you minding these people coming online to support what the guy did but most of them who are married are making investments in their wives and children’s name.”

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Your husband’s mum has more rights than yours – Lady tells married women

In another story, a Nigerian woman made it clear to ladies on social media that their husband’s mother has more rights in their homes than their own mother.

In a Facebook post, Etie Ngozi mentioned that a woman should accept that her mother-in-law has more power than her biological mother because it is her son’s house.

The fashion model declared that the wife’s mother is also a guest in the couple’s home so she needs to mind what she does in their home.