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40+ Baby Boy names that start with J

Today, we would be looking at J names for boys.

It can be a very frustrating task to decide on what name to give your child. Both paternal and maternal suggestions have to be entertained. There is a name for every letter of the alphabet. Whatever language you might be speaking, there is a name for each letter.

I can think of a popular few off the top of my head like James, John, or Junior (not a big fan of Junior). So, get your pen or your mobile notes because, in nine months, you would be grateful you came across this article.

Top 15 J names for boys

Several popular names start with J that you would love. These names are purposeful, symbolic, and meaningful.


This is a popular biblical name. It is a male-given name gotten from the Hebrew word meaning “praised”.

Judah can be a symbol of your hopes for an important and continually victorious child. In the Bible, Judah is the fourth son of Jacob and became the most influential of all twelve, even more than Reuben (do you still remember your Bible stories?).

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This is one of the most popular people in the Old Testament. Although he was formerly known as a deceiver because of what transpired between him and his brother, Esau, Jacob was able to bounce back from the valley he dug himself by his stubborn resolution to do right by God and his brother.

He became one of the core pillars of the Bible and is a symbol of achievements and success.

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Do you remember Jack and Jill who went up the hill to fetch a Pail of water? Jack means God is gracious. It is a British masculine name and is gotten from a variation of John and Jacob.


Do you remember that story of John’s mother, Elizabeth, and how an angel appeared to her to inform her that she would deliver a baby who would preach the birth of a savior? It was incredibly graceful in God’s eyes to pick her, hence the meaning of John – Graced by God.


You’ve met Jack in number 3 now it’s time to meet Jack’s son. Jackson means the son of Jack. It is a popular last name and uncommon for a first name.

A notable carrier of this name is Michael Jackson.

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He was the favorite son of Jacob, and he was also Israel’s helper during a time when hunger showed the clans serious pepper. Joseph is also the earthly father of Jesus.

In all ramifications, Joseph seems a “respectful” name to give your boy.

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A disciple of Jesus and a brother of John, James was known to be a strict defender of the Holy cause. They were called the “Sons of Thunder”.

James is getting popular and they are some notable examples like James Gordon, James Franco, and James Madison.


This man slept in the belly of a whale. My mom used to call my younger brother the name to tease me about his sleeping prowess. Jonah is also God’s messenger. He was chosen to deliver God’s message to Ninevah.

Jonah also means dove.

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He is David’s father in the Bible and therefore a pillar to reckon with. Jesse was also a successful sheep farmer and had kings beckoning his sons for their service.


Hi, Anisulowo. That’s the name of my friend. Jimmy Anisulowo; yeah, you read that right. Check the author of the article below if you still doubt me.

Jimmy was deduced from James. There are some popular carriers of this name such as Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel. For a cute and sweet name, Jimmy is the right choice.


This means God is salvation. Joshua is a good name for your boychild especially if we consider his story in the Bible. He was a loyal assistant to Moses and a worthy carrier of God’s Assignment.

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“Yahweh has given”. The earliest mention of the name has to be Saul’s eldest son in the Bible and more presently we have Jonathan Pryce or Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.


Let’s say it together, (1, 2, 3) Justin Bieber!

Justin is a cute name and a strong one for a boychild. It is very cute and would roll off the tongue of others when calling the name in the future. If you want a name that makes women weak in the knees, try Justin.

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River Jordan should win an award for the most popular river in the Bible. It is the river where John baptized Jesus. In Hebrew, Jordan means to flow down or descend.


Just like Jackson (Jack’s son), we have Johnson (John’s son). These are very cute variations of Jack and John.


In the Bible, he was one of the ambiguous prophets. To know more, try to read the book of Jeremiah. The same means “the lord exalts”.

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More J names for boys

  • Julius
  • Jude
  • Jasper
  • Jones
  • Junior
  • Joe
  • Johnny
  • Jeremy
  • Josiah
  • Jaxon
  • Jared
  • Joel
  • Jon
  • Jason
  • Juan
  • Justice
  • Jay
  • Jamal
  • Jethro
  • Jim
  • Jet (but don’t blame him if he decides to get high in the future)
  • Joaquim
  • Jedidiah
  • June
  • Joffery
  • Jeff
  • Jace
  • Jax
  • Jonas
  • Jerry
  • Jerome

These are some of the most popular J names for boys that will be of immense help to you. However, in case you’re looking for something more traditional, here are some Yoruba J names for boys.

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Top Boy Yoruba names that start with J

If there is anything I know about Yoruba names, it is that Yoruba names always carry a deep meaning. Let’s cover the top seven boy Yoruba names that start with J.

  1. Jibola: This means I woke up to wealth. The full spelling is Ji-ba-ola.
  2. Jaiyeola: Enjoying a wealthy life
  3. Jesutosin: Jesus is worthy of worship
  4. Jesulayomi: Jesus is my joy
  5. Jimoh: Born on Friday
  6. Jomiloju: You surprised me
  7. Jaiyesimi: Enjoy and Rest


Conclusion on J names for boys

Christening and naming a child can be daunting and can be easy too. This is a total of fifty-seven manes that start with J. Scrutinize the list and pick your best of the lot.

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Moibi Damilare
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