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KissAsian- Download your Favorite Asian Drama for Free (2023)

Are you a big fan of Korean Drama and other Asian dramas, and you are looking for where to download your favourite movies? Look no further because KissAsian has come to your rescue.


Asian dramas are becoming increasingly popular globally. The industry gains millions of fans yearly from every country, including English-speaking countries.

KissAsian is a treasure chest for so many people who want to download and watch their favourite Asian dramas and movies, thanks to its large library of high-quality dramas. It is the best destination to watch free Korean dramas, Doramas and CDramas for free online.

KissAsian has the largest library of Asian drama, including Doramas, CDrama, and the very popular KDrama.


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KissAsian Website

To download any Asian drama, movies, and TV shows,

  1. visit KissAsian’s official website here.
  2. All you have to do is click on the link,
  3. log in to the website and start downloading or streaming your favourite shows.

There is only one catch to using the website: you will have to view or skip a bunch of advertisements. This is common because everything else on the website is free; all you have to do is join, log in, and download. This advertising helps cover the costs the website charges while it is available to serve you and the royalties for those who run it.

Apart from that, the website is very easy to use.

KissAsian App

KissAsian also has an app where users can download movies. The app is also free and an alternative for people who may find the website stressful.

To watch Asian dramas on the app, you must download the KissAsian app from your Google Play Store or IOS App Store, sign up, and start downloading and streaming.

How to Download Movies on KissAsian

Now to the part, we have all been waiting for. How do you download movies from KissAsian?

There are two ways to download from KissAsian.

  1. you can download videos directly from the KissAsian website
  2. download your favourite series from Kissasian with a KissAsian Downloader.

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How to Download Movies Directly from KissAsian

Here is a detailed guide on how to download movies, dramas, and TV shows directly from the website. Follow these steps, and in no time, your favourite Asian drama will be yours to watch.

Here is a detailed guide on how to download movies, dramas, and TV shows directly from the website. Follow these steps, and in no time, your favourite Asian drama will be yours to watch.

Step 1: Create an account

Before you can gain access to download movies from the website, you need to first create an account. Don’t worry. Registration is free. Everything is free. It is really simple and uncomplicated to create an account.
To create your free account, go to KissAsian.li and locate the “register” button. You will be asked to input your username, email address and password. Fill these fields correctly, and you will be logged in.

Step 2: search for the movie you want to download

Once you have successfully logged in to the website, the next thing to do is to search for the movie you want to download and click on it. Scroll below to access the episodes list, start from whichever episode you like, and highlight the controls.

Step 3: Solve the CAPTCHA

Next, you will be required to solve a captcha test in order to prove you are not a robot. Solve the captcha using the Skip Captcha (HX server) or Skip Captcha (FE server) options. You are ready to go if you choose the proper piece

Step 4: Change Server to MP server

Go to the Server and choose MP server.

Step 5: Go to the download page

The next thing to do is to click the “Go to Download page” button on the lower right part of the movie screen. This will lead you to the Mp4upload site. You may be redirected to some ad pages. Close all unrelated pages that appear and click on the download button once again. Your desired drama will begin downloading right away.

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How to Download KissAsian Drama with KissAsian Downloader

Another way you can download movies on the website is by using a desktop KissAsian downloader called Internet Download Manager (IDM), a well-known download manager suitable for downloading embedded videos from a different browser.
After loading the IDM application on your PC, the IDM Integration Module will be installed automatically on your browsers, allowing you to freely download whatever movies you choose. Although this might seem like a lot of work, you will not regret downloading this software once you have experienced its convenience and efficiency.
Here are the steps you can follow to download KissAsian drama with IDM:

Step 1: Download the IDM software and install it on your phone

Go to the official website of IDM, download and install the tool by following the instructions.

Step 2: Activate the IDM module

Next, you have to enable the IDM Integration Module extension to your browser by following the prompt.

Step 3: Download your desired drama on KissAsian website

Once you have integrated the IDM, you will then log in to the Kissasian website and play the video you want to download. A video download panel will pop up on the top-right of the video player.
Click on the panel, and a download dialogue will appear. Edit the downloading information and click “Start download” to begin downloading.


KissAsian is a website that offers free Asian dramas and movies. There is a wide variety of movies available, and many people use this site. Not only can you watch videos on KissAsian, but you can also record or download them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Korean series for free?

Here are five of the websites where you can watch Korean series for freeHooq.tv Korean Drama App;
1. Kissasian- Kissasian
2. Dramacool- Dramacool
3. Soap2day- Soap2day
4. Solar Movies- Solar movies
5. Yes Movies- Yes movies

What app can download Kdrama?

Here is a list of the best apps to watch Korean dramas and series;
1. Hooq.tv Korean Drama App
2. Viu.com Korean Drama App
3. Viki.com Korean Drama App
4. Netflix
5. iQIYI Korean Drama App

What is the best site for downloading subtitles?

The best site to download subtitles is Open Subtitles.

Which app has all Kdrama for free?

Viki is one of the free Korean drama apps which gives you a tremendous collection of award-winning K-dramas, other Asian TV series, movies, variety shows, streaming of music performances, and more.

How to download Korean movies on KissAsian?

You can download your desired Korean movies on Kissasian by registering on the app and downloading your video directly or using an Internet Download Manager (IDM) downloader.