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Knacking is not enough to reject your breakfast: Actress Uche Ogbodo call husband out for rejecting her meal

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo shared a conversation she had with her husband, Bobby Maris, about how he rejected her food.

Her husband had refused to eat her food because she did not accept his request to be intimate in the other room.

In the video, the actress approached her husband Bobby, who was sitting in a room to tell him to come and eat, but he said he wasn’t interested.

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She rejected his touch

His wife was concerned about this and tried to figure out why her husband was acting so strangely by not eating her food.

Bobby then frankly acknowledged that he’s not eating because she rejected his touch the night before.

Uche Ogbodo attempted to get him to come and eat, but he refused and told her to keep her hands off him when she touched him.

She posted the video to her Instagram page and wrote, 

Why would a husband reject his wife’s food? @bobbymaris S3x is not enough to reject your breakfast nah.”

Reactions: U better make it up to him

The video gained different reactions from netizens with many asking her to apologise to her husband. See some of the comments below:

@beautybysancess: I don’t really know how God in heaven created man finish carry this kind urge put inside them, my husband will even be telling me in the morning while am praying, he will tell me how will God answer that my prayer when I refused him in the night ???, he keep reminding me that I have sin against God by refusing??

@emenikechibugo: I have heard from the both parties and the truth is that wetin una two do no good at all ???

@decutegift: Since u no gree give am the main carbohydrate food last night make him for fit get strength dix morning eat the proteinous food wen u cook Watin u expect? ???? nah small thing the vex person ooh u better make it up to him now. 

@joeulaeto: When husband dey reject food dey carry face up and down the reason no dey far from this o. Bible say make Una no dey deny one another that s3x except for the purpose of fasting or if a woman is in her monthly period o. But shaa e no suppose be everyday thing nah, no be food, body self dey tire ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️buu @ucheogbodo make you compensate am, that is quick healing to this vex wey don full him chest.

@weightloss_abuja: No use kpekus make hubby vex oo. Na wetin dey give any average man Happiness. When dey go fit do anytime w hold them

Watch the video: 

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I only eat from Jasmine’s kitchen: Mr. Ibu reveals

In another news, popular Nigerian Actor, John Okafor, known as Mr. Ibu has revealed that he no longer eats meals cooked by his wife but only eats Jasmine’s food.

Mr. Ibu explained that he was only being very careful after several poisoning attempts by different people.

Mr. Ibu explained that this is his fifth and worst marriage, and he would never attempt to marry again if the relationship with his current wife falls through.

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