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Ladies, shoot your shot — Woman advises and recounts how she met her husband at a job interview

A young woman recently shared on Twitter the story of how she met her spouse during a job interview.

Known as @kelyb8 on Twitter, she recounted that she attended an interview at a company where her husband, who was previously unknown to her, was her interviewer.

After the interview, she boldly requested his phone number, which he initially refused to give her. However, after being enchanted by her charm, he eventually gave in and provided his number to her.

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Fortunately, her courage paid off, and she is now happily married to the man.

In light of her inspiring story, the lady advised other women to take chances and make bold moves when it comes to pursuing men they admire.

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Lady gives advice as she shares transformation photos of herself and her husband

Meanwhile, a mother of two posted a transformation video montage of her and her husband’s stunning change which elicited reactions on social media.

The woman, who went by the name Steph, used TikTok to put out pictures of herself and her spouse from when they first met in 2003 and from now.

She claimed that although she first met her spouse in the village in 2003, they didn’t begin dating until 2014, and their traditional nuptials took place in 2015.