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Lady bounces back after husband dumps her for growing beards

Trending on social media are photos of a beautiful Indian lady who got dumped by her husband for growing beards.

Mandeep Kaur, the now famous Indian lady, was dumped after she suddenly started growing beards.

This surprising event began just a few years after her marriage. According to medical practice, this uncommon occurrence is called Hirsutism.

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Mandeep had to accept herself

The disorder known as hirsutism causes excessively thick, coarse hair to grow on a woman’s face, chest, and back. The hair grows in a pattern resembling that of a man.

According to legit.ng, Mandeep Kaur was heartbroken when her husband left. He broke the marriage vow he made to be with her through thick and thin.

It took a while for her to accept the reality of her beard. But it had come to stay and she has had have to live with it.

With time, Mandeep started accepting herself. She let her beard grow and compliments her appearance with a turban. She is seen around her village on a bike many times. As expected, she is often mistaken for a man except that her voice reveals that she’s female.

Mandeep accepting herself

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Davido’s ex-girlfriend, Faith Nketsi allegedly dumps her husband a year after marriage

In other news, South African influencer and model, Faith Nketsi, allegedly went back to club hosting after she left her husband because of financial problems.

Faith who made headlines for dating Davido many years ago before she married her man, Nzuzo Njilo in 2022. She allegedly separated from him because of their financial struggle.

According to a report from City Press, a South African publication, Faith Nketsi left her husband and went back to club hosting with her friend, Kim Kholiwe.