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I need a friend to blind me please: Lady buys iPhone 14 for best friend so she won’t have other bestie

Cuppie Ayokya, a Kenyan influencer bought her bestie a new iPhone14 so that she wouldn’t have other best friends.

She shared this on TikTok as she captured herself handing the newly purchased phone to her best friend.

Her best friend who was ecstatic at her gesture immediately gave her a sweet hug as Cuppie Ayokya explained that she gave her so that she wouldn’t think of having a new best friend.

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The influencer also shared that she didn’t just give her the phone but also gave her extra cash so that she won’t be stolen from her by other female best friends.

“Me buying my best friend an iPhone 14 and giving her money so that I can blind her from having other female besties,” she said.

Reactions: Bestie wey go leave, go leave

The video had many people in awe. While some applauded her for going the extra mile to keep her best friend, others were not feeling it as they asserted that if she intended to leave their friendship she will, despite all the things she got her. See some comments below;

@Cherry🍒: I need a friend to blind me plsss

@user6527033570541: too bad I don’t have anyone to call my best friend 😏😅they all used to have other best friends

@Tattyyanna🦋: Where do I get one a these???😂👀

@ireguayikedebby: Best friend wen we Dey manage maintain and keep E reach your turn you Dey carry casket 🙄🙄

@princess: can my best friend blind me with a trip to milan pls

@fhavieyGold: God when!!!!!

@Anthonette000: Bestie wey go leave, go leave. Another person fit buy car for her or take her on numerous vacations 😏

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Best friends who got pregnant at the same time share cute photos

Meanwhile, a Nigerian woman was all shades of excitement as she posted photos of herself and her bestie pregnant.

In a Facebook post, the lady identified as Atinuke Dami-Yakubu shared that they didn’t plan the pregnancy together.

However, she was excited that her child would have a best friend that would also be born on the same day.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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