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I can never: Lady cancels engagement after fiance insists she cuts off communications with baby daddy

A Kenyan woman has canceled her engagement after her fiance demanded she cut all ties with her baby daddy.

The young lady identified as Yvonne Kontoz explained that although her fiance is a good man and has always satisfied her with everything she wants but he crossed the line when he asked her to stop talking to her child’s father.

She defended that she and her baby daddy has no romantic relationship but he is a very responsible father to his kid and he loves his child.

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Yvonne stressed how evil it will be for her to cut off the communication between her daughter and her father all because she has found a new love.

In her chat with her fiance, she explained that the ball was in the man’s court and if he still wanted to be with her then they could continue, however, if he’s insisting on her cutting off all ties with her baby daddy, then, they will have to go separate ways.

Lady cancels engagement because of baby daddy

The mother of one shared that she was far from the kind of woman who was going to change her child’s identity to please a man. Yvonne stated that if he wanted to be in her life, that’s fine but if he doesn’t, her child already receives enough love from both of her parents.

Lady cancels engagement because of baby daddy
Lady cancels engagement because of baby daddy

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Meanwhile, a married woman shared her dilemma and revealed that her ex-lover who left her when she bore his child returned to marry her even while she was married to her husband.

She set her mind to divorcing her husband who took her and her child in for the past nine years.

The woman posted about her situation on social media and claimed that her ex-lover got her pregnant and left while the child was just two weeks old.

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