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I thought he was my soulmate: Brokenhearted 19-year-old lady cries out after her man dumped her

A young lady has taken to social media to share her healing journey after her boyfriend of four years broke up with her.

The 19-year-old shared on TikTok that she assumed her ex-boyfriend was her soulmate but was shocked when he dumped her.

According to her, the young man left her for someone else, and she has suffered from anxiety and sometimes depression depending on her Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

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The heartbroken young lady planned on studying law this year but had to give herself space because of the heartbreak.

I feel like I am wasting my teenage years at home

However, she praised her mother, who stayed with her and supported her through all the turbulent times.

The devastated lady said, “I’m 19, I’m currently healing from a 4 year relationship with a guy I thought was my soulmate but ended up leaving me for someone else..This year I was supposed to be studying law but ended up taking a gap year which I’m really starting to hate.”

“Everyday feels the same and i feel like wasting my last teenage years at home.! suffer from anxiety sometimes depression depending on my pmdd. Some days can be incredibly lonely and stressful but I’m happy when my moms here she’s truly the only person who keeps me going,” she concluded.

Reactions: You have a whole life waiting for you

The young woman’s statement had social media users confirming her age. While many sympathized and shared their heartbreak experience, others were not having it as they reminded her that she was still young and should focus on her life. See some comments below;

@Lethukuthula Mpontsh: Try making the most of it love..Grow spiritually and mentally..and try new things?

@aarontshabalala56: You still young. you have a whole life waiting for you

@Lady Morgana: i Don’t understand why y’all are stressing from a relationship at your teen ages. please invest in yourself. I’m currently 19too

@Zipho17: soul mate while you are 15??

@krisssy.14: i hope your mom never stops giving you that feeling of peace and happiness ?

@Icon ♾️: Same shoes rn, hurts when you gave someone all of you for them to just leave you in this world alone after promising to be there forever ?

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Lady wails as boyfriend of 5 years dumps her

Meanwhile, after being rejected by her five-year boyfriend, a young Nigerian woman drowned in the pool of her own tears.

The heartbroken and distraught woman revealed that her boyfriend, Femi broke things off with her after dating for five years.

In a video posted online, she accused her lover of breaking his pledge to stay by her side forever.

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