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Lady proposes to her lover after 7 years of dating, video trends

  • A lady has taken a bold step by proposing to her boyfriend after seven years of dating without getting engaged.
  • The video trending online shows the heartwarming moment the lady went on her knee, asking her boyfriend to marry her.

A lady has taken the bold step to propose to her boyfriend after dating for 7 years without him making the move. The beautiful scene played out while the couple were at a restaurant.

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Lady proposes to her lover after 7 years of dating

A video circulating on the internet shows the heartwarming moment the woman knelt down to ask for her boyfriend’s hand in marriage.

While dining at a restaurant with a friend, the woman unexpectedly rose from her seat and proposed to her boyfriend, much to his surprise.

Interestingly, the man readily accepted her proposal without any hesitation. She then placed a ring on his finger after which they sealed the moment with a romantic kiss, prompting an applause from fellow diners.

Reactions as lady proposes to her boyfriend after 7 years of dating

This video has generated a significant buzz on social media, with many commenting on the woman’s decision to break the societal norms and propose to her partner. Most women stated that they would never consider proposing to a man.

Check out some reactions below

@marthas3xy wrote, “She’s brave I must say but can’t be me”

@aqualady6666 wrote, “I’m happy for them but Personally I don’t think I can propose to a man lol.
I’m gonna treat my man like a king tho.”

@Ogbovo90 said: What a smart move, babe secured her man”

@damola_ade77 wrote: “Always nice when it ends well, but….


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