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Wahala: Moments Nigerian lady rejects man’s proposal on signing out day (Video)

A video of a fresh graduate turning down a young man’s marriage proposal has left many disappointed.

On a signing-out day, the young woman was captured in a video that has gone viral blatantly rebuffing the proposal of a lover boy.

The Nigerian lady dressed in her white disgraced a man who had come to her location to propose to her with a cake and a car.

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However, passersby were shocked when she attempted to return the cake back to her man who refused it and try knowing what the problem is.

While everyone was trying to figure out what could have gone wrong and chorused that she should say yes, she dropped the cake on the floor and stormed out of the scene.

The heartbroken man was so shocked at her reaction and kept looking at her as she walked out on him leaving people who witnessed the action sympathizing with him

Reactions: Stop doing public proposal

The video had many social media users talking. While some defended that the man could be an abuser, hence her reaction, others argued that she shouldn’t have reacted the way she did. See some comments below;

@phemmypoko: You people doing public proposal without prior discussion with your partner have mind oo. Una nor dey fear SHEGE, or SHEGE BANZA? Eiiiii! 🥲🫠

@helenlight21:Have we talked about if the guy beats her and manipulates her by getting her gifts? Things dey sha happen,the girl rejecting doesn’t mean the guy is a good person…Hence we don’t know the story.

@thegreatsolo85: I actually told my wife I’ll marry her over the phone 😂 and when she came around, I told her I meant what I said earlier and the journey began. It’s 11 years now

@sandy_coco__: Stop doing public proposal , una no go hear and ladies if you don’t want to marry a guy , please stop giving him that marriage vibes , Stop giving him hope that you will marry him.

@princess_esty6: Wahala

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Lady collapses as she receives marriage proposal

Meanwhile, a young woman from Nigeria who works as a church videographer was recently surprised by her boyfriend with a marriage proposal.

In the video, the man quietly approached her from behind and crouched down while she was discreetly filming the pastor from the pulpit.

The woman turned and on seeing her boyfriend, immediately stopped what she was doing and the church service was also interrupted.

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