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He gave me an envelope: Nigerian lady shares how a man she visited shocked her

A Nigerian lady has shared an experience of how a man gave her friend chicken change for transportation when she visited him to know him better.

The young woman, identified as Christina, took to Twitter to explain why the young man gave her friend thirty naira in an envelope for transportation.

She said her friend traveled to visit a guy she had been communicating with to further get to know each other. However, later at night, the young man took her friend to the room and attempted to sleep with her, but she refused.

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The next morning, the man drove her to the garage to board a bus back home and then gave her an envelope because they had agreed prior to her coming that he was going to fund her transportation back home.

With the belief that the man had put a substantial amount of money in the envelope, the young lady opened it only to find N60; she immediately called his number but realized that he had blocked her on all his social media and her number.

“My friend traveled to visit this guy and when it was night he tried to touch her but she refused. This morning he drove her to the park, handed her an envelope and zoomed off,” she said.

“Only for her to open the envelope and saw 30 naira, a 20 naira and 10 naira note. Immediately, she picked up her phone and tried call him but this guy had blocked her everywhere” she continued.

Reactions: What was the purpose of the visit, Evangelism?

The post had many netizens lambasting the girl for being careless and putting herself in danger. While some subtly scolded her and told her to let the man know her intentions before visiting and, if possible, not to visit a man in his house, others gave sarcastic replies. See some comments below;

@emmanuel_emrex: What was the purpose of the visit in the first place, evangelism?? 🙄🙄

@EgboPaper_01: What was she thinking going to the guy’s house? That They’ll share the word of God and pray??

@Divine3390: Talking stage don end😂😂😂

@Ceey001: What did she expect they will do when she went to visit him. Blow bubbles and fight crimes??. Make she just dey play

@jasfean: That guy wicked

@princess_ehmy: This is the problem with our Ladies.. A guy said come to my house. You carried ur legs there.You think it was going to be a revival night? Thank God he didn’t force himself on you..Thank God for ur safety..The money isn’t the issue anyways.

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Nigerian man sues lady who collected N3k tfare but didn’t show up

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man dragged a lady who collected transport fare from him but didn’t show up to court.

The man had given the lady N3,000 to visit him, but after collecting the money, she didn’t turn up as agreed.

He dragged her to a magistrate court, accusing her of collecting money without showing up at the agreed location.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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