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No matter the age, fear woman: Nigerian lady uses dad’s credit card to buy iPhone 14 for sister 

The ladies in a family stylishly used their father’s credit card to buy an iPhone 14 for the younger daughter.

In the video, the whole family went to get the phone for the lady because it was her birthday, and the father promised to get it for her on her birthday. 

Even though he promised to get it for her, he was still unhappy. After some time, he stepped out of the shop and stood outside. 

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Lady uses dad’s credit card anyhow 

After buying the phone, they went to eat in a restaurant and bought a lot of food because, apparently, that was the last day the father had in Toronto with them. 

They decided to spend his money because they didn’t know when they would see him again. After the family got everything, the father said he would run away from them. 

Reactions: Na your papa money?

Some netizens supported the lady, while some felt they cheated their father. Here are some of the comments: 

@moore_paapi: This na abuse o honestly forget say money dey if dem do the mama this thing she must change am for the children 

@manjarokilly: Go girls! Spend his money! You people have serious problems! Same people that would say these girls ask their boyfriends for what their father can’t do for them…, they are spending his money, you still crying over split milk. I would do anything for my daughters as long as 

@Mennn: look ehhh if you have the cash as a man spending it on ur family will be pure joy manipulated or not. The FACT that you’re seeing the cash on them and the joy and smiles it brings is pure bliss. 

@6_Tomiwa: Na your papa money? You guys should rest, if the man is too ‘shy’ to tell his wife and children what he wants and doesn’t want, then let him spend his money, it’s his family. 

@origi___: I don’t think spending the dad’s money is the issue I feel people are only outraged cuz it was spent against his will. Man didn’t even know he was coming to buy 14promax??. But well na him money and na him pikin e no concern me. 

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Lady shames Dad for eating her food after abandoning her

In another story, a Nigerian lady ignited outrage on social media and came under heavy criticism from netizens for publicly embarrassing her father.

Identified as @shashadancequeen on TikTok, she shared a video of her dad helping himself with a meal she prepared.

She then made disgusting comments about him because he did not cater for his children when they were younger.

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