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50+ Latest Asoebi Styles For every Event (2023)

Get the best and latest Asoebi styles by going through this article. If you would like to look sweet for that ceremony, then check these out.

 Latest Asoebi Styles
Latest Aso Ebi Styles

To look admirable on any occasion, whether it is a traditional wedding or an age-grade celebration, you will need to get a beautiful style for your Asoebi cloth.

Whether it is a Nigerian Ankara, velvet, Lace, or any other type of cloth, you can still sew it in a way to fit you, no matter your body shape.

So, here are some suggested styles. They are the latest styles, too, so I’m sure you’ll see a style that will fit you well.


Latest Aso Ebi Styles For Traditional Weddings in 2023

Go through these styles and pick the one you think best suits you. You can do a mixture of both styles.

Velvet and Lace Corset Gowns

You can try it now even if you have not read his style before. You deserve to have such a lovely gown style in your wardrobe. Whether you like to mix the velvet corset with lace material or Ankara material is up to you, but you look gorgeous in this dress.

Aseobi Styles with Fringes

Try fringes on the hand of your dress or at the hem of a slant-cut dress, and watch the transformation you will have. Fringes still have a way of making you look beautiful and classic.

Don’t forget to get a matching game style to suit your dress.

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Sleeveless Aso Ebi Styles

Sleeveless Aseobi dress

If you like to show off some skin, you can consider wearing this style. You can decide to sew a strap to make it fit properly. However, if your tailor is experienced, then you should be comfortable in this dress.

Aso Ebi styles with tail

Off Shoulders lace gown with tail
Aso Ebi styles with tail
Silver Lace Gown with tail

This is a daring style for any Nigerian occasion. Sometimes it’s better to leave it for the bride to sew. However, if you like the attention, then go ahead and look stunning. If you’re uncomfortable with the neck styles above, you can use ones from other dresses.


High Front Slit Gowns

Green High Front Slit Gowns
Body colour Green High Front Slit Gowns
Green High Front Slit Gowns

This is the new norm for slits now, revealing the high thighs. You can choose the length you would like yours to go. Try this style with any type of lace, velvet, silk, or Ankara and you’ll be admired. 

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Body Color Net Sleeves Aso Ebi Styles

Pink Body Color Net Sleeves Gown
Green Body Color Net Sleeves Gown
Red Body Color Net Sleeves Gown

You could also use the body colour net alleges to get a great Aseobi Ankara style. So whether you’re the bride or a highly esteemed guest, this style can go for you. 

Long Sleeves Aseobi Gowns

Off-shoulder Long Sleeves Aseobi Gowns
Silver Long Sleeves Aseobi Gowns
Red Long Sleeves Aseobi Gowns

Use this type of sleeve for your Aseobi dress. Although it is a simple style, you can always mix it up to get a hot look. It can work for both lace and Ankara. 

Ruffled Sleeves Lace Gowns

Complicated sleeves gown
Ruffled Sleeves Lace Gowns
One hand Ruffled Sleeves Lace Gowns

If you like a bold and elegant sleeve style, these are the perfect sleeves for you. Naturally, these sleeves will give you some extra weight, giving you an expensive look


Bubble Sleeves Aso Ebi Styles

Aseobi style with bubble sleeves
Off-shoulders bubble Sleeves Aseobi Gown

Make your dress stand out from others by making a large bubble sleeveless. You can choose to have a single bubble step of have up to 2 or three steps, whichever way you’ll choose. It’s hard to sew this and not be noticed at a wedding.

Cone sleeves Lace Gowns

Black Cone sleeves Lace Gowns
Fine Blue lace gown
Cone sleeves Lace Gowns

Here’s another perfect style, you can decide to have full cone sleeves, or you could attach it at the edge of a long sleeve dress. Cone sleeves help to reveal your hourglass shape.

Cup sleeves with Sweetheart Neck Aso Ebi Styles

One hand Cup sleeves gown

Cup sleeves are old, but they are still reigning this time with a sweetheart’s neck. You can decide to use another neck style, but you’ll probably choose this best because of the elegance it gives 

Green Cup sleeves with Sweetheart Neck

Try this style with a matching gele style, and you’ll be the light spot of the party. 

Short Aso Ebi gown

Purple Short Aso Ebi gown
Short Aso Ebi gown
Simple Short Aso Ebi gown

Who said Aso Ebi styles must be a long dress? If you need something short and classic, then here’s a great pick. Check out all the styles above and pick the one that suits you best. 

Fishtail Aso Ebi Styles

Green Fishtail Lace Gowns
Fishtail Lace style

Fishtail styles are best for those who have an hourglass shape. However, with an experienced tailor, you can still sew and look beautiful in a similar style.

Green Fishtail Lace Gowns


Different sleeves Lace Gown

Purple Different-sleeves Lace Gown
Different sleeves Lace Gown

Look jaw-dropping beautiful by going for this type of Asoebi style. However, if you like the mixture, then use it that way.

Different sleeves Lace Gown

Some common mixtures are short sleeves and long sleeves, one sleeve, ruffle sleeves and sleeveless, and other great mixtures. You can also come up with your creative mixture to help you rock a particular style.

V-neck Aseobi Gowns

Green V-neck Aseobi Gowns
V-neck Aseobi Gowns
Blue V-neck Aseobi Gowns
Blue V-neck Aseobi Gowns

This neck style is a high pitch for every young lady. Some people make it deeper or use a net to show off their deep cleavage. If you think it is something you can be comfortable in, then have fun. Go rock your party,

Aso obi Gowns with Side Drops

Lace Gowns with Side Drops
Bubble sleeves Lace Gowns with Side Drops
Lace Gowns with Side Drops

Side drops Asoebi style is also a perfect one. Whichever side you decide to drop it from, it’ll still look perfect with the right kind of material. You can also try using a heavier material like velvet for the drop. It’ll make you look more elegant.

Box neck Lace Gowns

Red Box neck Lace Gowns
Green Box neck Lace Gowns

Box necks are fine for Aseobi and can also be used for office wear. This neck style shows elegance and gives a woman pride. You can try this style with a high bubble sleeve at a simple sleeve style.

Box neck Lace Gowns

Ankara mixed with Lace Aseobi Style

Lace mixed with ankara Aseobi Style
Ankara mixed with Lace Aseobi Style

You can decide to also mix your Ankara style with lace. Or you could do a mixture of lace with velvet. Look at the mixtures below, and see if you can make one of these.

Fine Ankara and Lace Aseobi Style


FAQs on Latest Asoebi styles

What is Asoebi style?

Aseobi style is a uniform worn by a group of people to signify their group or place of belonging in a ceremony. It is usually worn for weddings, meetings, and other African functions.

What is an Asoebi, and why is it so important in African life?

Africans love to wear Aseobi (a uniform), signifying unity and their alliance with those in the same uniform.

Who pays for Asoebi?

Sometimes, the occasion host pays for the cloth and then distributes it to friends to sew. Other times family and friends are asked to buy the aseobi

How much does Asoebi cost?

This will depend largely on what the host of the occasion picks it what your association decides to wear. If they choose a cheap material, it will likely cost less than if they pick something trendy and expensive.

Here’s a broad list of Aseobi styles that could be for your occasion. This style will leave you looking sexy and admirable.

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